Yes, I said your business needs to be a purple cow.

Crazy, right? Let me explain.

At a marketing breakfast our local Chamber of Commerce hosted recently, one of consultants with the Georgia Small Business Development Center told us about this so-called purple cow.

See, she had just read Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow. To sum up her synopsis of the book, when a potential customer is looking at businesses, the first one may be appealing, and then the second one kinda interesting, but then the third, fourth, and fifth and so on blended together. Nothing set them apart. Seth mentioned in his book that if, say, business four had something different about them, for example, if they had a purple cow in their field, it would certainly grab your attention over the others.

So, let me ask you – is your business the purple cow in your industry or are you just blending in?

Being the purple cow in your field can be scary and nerve-wracking. I mean, you are the one stepping out and doing something different from the others. But you know what? I bet you that you’d be remembered because of what you did.

How can you be the purple cow? Well, here are a few ways…

Give them more than they expect.

People won’t admit it, but we all love to be under-promised and then have it over-delivered. When you go that extra mile just because, you tend to make that customer quite happy. Happy enough to tell their friends and become a loyal customer.

Be bold. Take a stand.

Things are going on all over the world. In America, we are fortunate to have free speech. If there is a cause near and dear to your heart or a cause your business supports, take a stand and tell about it even if no one else does. This could be something as simple as posting cancer awareness updates or incorporating your own #LikeAGirl campaign. A recent example of this is Je Suis Charlie.

Be transparent and authentic.

I know this should go without saying, but businesses who are open, honest and admit their mistakes do better in the consumer’s eyes than those who try to cover it up. People can Google your business and see everything – reviews, pictures, comments, etc. If you’re hiding something, it’s just a matter of time before you’re found out. It’s better to be the one that is upfront and honest. When you screw up (all businesses do at some point – if they say they don’t, they’re lying), ‘fess up. Honesty is the best policy.

Are you ready to become a purple cow? With competition in every industry and market, you better be!

What can you do to be the purple cow in your field?