Creativity is a key driver of entrepreneurial success. Without creativity powering the minds of innovators like the Wright brothers, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, civilization would not have the same luxuries and capacities it is afforded with. The dilemma, albeit, is that creativity isn’t just activated whenever desired. It is picked up from deliberate practice day in and day out. Here are seven ways you can try to stimulate creativity into your entrepreneurial ventures.

Read Frequently

Reading books and articles posted online are all great brain foods that spark creativity where it cannot be found. Reading frequently exposes your mind to new ideas and trends that are being covered by the business space. After narrowing it down to that idea or set of ideas, you can research on companies or trends even closer, looking at actionable signs of an impending trend shift or a new market being born. Reading, in general, has been scientifically shown to stimulate the mind, expand vocabulary, and improve memory. In addition, it’s been pegged as one of the favorite activities of many successful entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Creativity is all about seeing old things from new angles. It’s about viewing everyday things, such as traffic or omelette, in new applications or meanings that have yet to be abstracted. It’s definitely frightening to get out of your comfort zone, especially in today’s harshly judgmental world. By working towards becoming more confident in new areas or industries, an entrepreneur can further widen his/her field of opportunities. Meetup groups are an excellent way to get out of the comfort zone. and similar platforms allow you to peruse formal and informal organizations within your city who share the same interests with you.

Discover Your Thought Process

Having the determination and drive to start and run a business are important factors in equal measure. However, without the right frame of mind from which to lay these bricks of foundation, you won’t be able to create, innovate, or succeed in your ventures. According to research released by FourSight, people have different preferences when it comes to approaching and solving problems. As an entrepreneur, death and taxes aren’t just the axioms of life. You’ll also be dealt with daily challenges that will harm your company in some way. Your chosen thought process or problem-solving preference will determine whether or not you can overcome such obstacles. Before you can wield it masterfully, however, you’ll need to figure out what it actually is.

Lead With Your Strong Points

As mentioned from the previous section, every person has his/her own thought process. Leading with your creative strengths instead of your weak points can amplify your output as an entrepreneur. Operating within the right thinking archetype minimizes resistance for whipping up new concepts that could potentially lead to an actual business. Some of the thinking styles you’ll find today include Clarifiers, Ideators, Developers, and Implementers. There’s no official names for these profiles, but these are the best ways to describe each thinking style.


Traveling for leisure frees up the mind of worries and reduces stress that cloud judgment and creativity. Travel to new cities, states, and even countries. Immerse yourself in their culture and try to draw ideas from these firsthand experiences. Try to find the most bustling areas of a city or country and just observe as much as you can about the people and their interactions that make up the market. Traveling also lends the opportunity of meeting new people and building contacts in foreign countries, which you can later access to give your business a competitive edge whether it’s via better supplier pricing or more accurate market data.

Set Up the Right Environment

The right environment conducive for creativity is important to easily tap into that mental state and, once there, maintain it. An environment where foot traffic and noise pollution are at high levels can make it near impossible for you to think of any creative ideas or activities. Even if you manage to get into that mental state, it’s hard to keep that train of thought going. On the same note, each person also has their own preferences when it comes to study environments. Some like crowded places like diners while others work better uninterrupted at libraries or their rooms.

Harness the Power of Technology

There are a number of technologies out there that spark creativity through collaboration, aggregation of data, and manipulation of data into new formats and perspectives. Content idea generators, for example, are free and easy to access online. You can easily tweak existing ideas or generate new ones for yourself. Social media is another technology that you can use to fuel creative ideas for a startup. Conduct polls to find potential markets that lack supply and stir up educational debates regarding specific interests.