automation of the home with the internet of thingsIn my last blog, we explored how the “Internet of Things” is being applied in some of today’s workplaces, homes, and healthcare systems. But this is only the gestational phase.

When the concept of the Internet of Things was first introduced, automation and ambient intelligence were not yet considered as connected benefits. However, innovators are beginning to embed this intelligence into edge networks and smart devices.

No longer will information be confined in databases, monitor screens, or smartphones of all kinds. Instead, it will reside in buildings, cars, furniture, domestic appliances, clothes, bodies, and more. In the near future intelligence will be everywhere – around us, on us, and in us.

My husband’s dream house

The garage door open when he arrives home. The coffee is brewing when the maker senses that we are awake. The lights go down, when…well, you know. These are some of the things my husband is hoping will happen in our future home – automatically.

But is it really that far-fetched? Thankfully, there are a number of smart, brave people who are already shaping the Internet of Things for our homes of the future.

Here are some interesting personal innovations:

  • Mobiplug promises to connect wireless-enabled household items and intelligently integrate them, regardless of manufacturer or wireless protocol used. With your smartphone, you can create and manage user-created presets (like a mode for “movie night”), integrate cloud data, and receive alerts. You can also send geofencing data – making it possible for that garage door to open when you arrive home and your thermostat may adjust itself or shutdown altogether when you leave. You can even adjust these commands to allow for the weather, your social calendar, or other useful data stored on your smartphone.
  • SmartThings is offering sets of smart sensors, outlets, and apps that can easily be used within the home. Once in place, these systems can secure or adjust the home environment either automatically (based on user-created presets) or by command (via smartphone). With heat, motion, and open/closed sensors included a couple coming home together at 1:00 a.m. could trigger a date night program, complete with a fire in the fireplace and romantic lighting.
  • EVRYTHNG is focused on how things get managed. With a “Facebook for Things” approach, consumers and their purchases can interact dynamically. For example, my dishwasher may one day recommend a repairman. Or, my favorite dress can tweet me when that perfect pair of shoes is finally on sale. Now only if it can place the order and pay for it too.

Connecting people to their prized possessions…and vice versa

The Internet of Things promises to connect people to their possessions – and those possessions to one another – in ways that will save time, money, and efforts. All the while, it will also enable things that were once thought to be possible only in cartoons like The Jetsons.

So what do you think? How will your home life change – all thanks to automation through the Internet of Things?