When you imagine artificial intelligence (AI), you might think of a synthetic consciousness established by humans shown in sci-fi movies.

Other than the realm of fantasy, artificial intelligence is computer system software that performs complex tasks requiring human intelligence. These include recognizing emotions, problem-solving, making predictons and many more.

There is no doubt that AI has a wide range of capabilities, because of which it has penetrated almost every aspect of modern human life. Today we have reached a point where AI is impacting many areas such as shopping, entertainment, education, and even very basic areas such as driving through self-driven cars, home automation through IoT, etc. Along with day-to-day use in human life, AI is also changing how business is being carried out across the globe. Almost all industries have been touched by artificial intelligence in some manner either if AI is part of their manufacturing or sales or even human resources. In this article, I am sharing thoughts on how the modern era of digital marketing is using artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing – The Dynamic Duo

During the past few years, marketers have been hesitant to use artificial intelligence in marketing strategies. But today, almost every business whether it is a small shop or a Fortune 100 company is thinking of using AI somehow in their marketing efforts. Some examples include companies such as Amazon or Uber etc. who are heavily using AI in their business models somehow.

Let’s take the example of Amazon, and they are heavily using Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce to show relevant items to shoppers based on their previous services, views, and purchases. Thus, increasing the likelihood of a buyer’s first purchase or becoming a repeat customer. The personalized experience is highly sought after.

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

AI involves data collection, analysis, and then applying machine learning techniques to extract useful information out of data that results in useful insights out of data such as personalization information as well as the reactions and sentiments of customers. Such attributes have completely transformed customer acquisition in the online marketing landscape.

Digital marketing starts with the identification of prospects through Customer relationship management (CRM), which refers to a business strategy that forms a customer-centric approach and involves the maximum collection of customer data and the filtering of important information. Using AI glued with CRM, it enhances the collection of user information from various sources of inbound marketing such as website, ads and social media, etc. This CRM software helps to gain precise insights from the target audience helping businesses to identify the needs of their customers, so marketing strategy is tailored to the specific customers. In other words, through the use of AI businesses can get behavioral information about customers that helps to target the right customer at right time. Information that could be useful for typical leads from website visitors are:

  • The types of products they are interested to buy
  • Which information they are usually interested to read
  • How they interact with information through entry and exit pages

With all the gathered data, marketers can conveniently analyze potential customer’s needs and use AI to boost sales. It also enables you to visualize the buyer’s journey and gives the correct solution. Thus, making the shopper’s experience more engaging and interesting for customers.

When AI technology is combined with other latest technologies such as VR and AR, it brings value to the consumption of the entire experience. For example, in the real estate industry virtual reality combined with AI has changed the landscape of the real estate sector by helping brokers and agents in selling properties through VR mode in the times of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This method has given consumers a fascinating way to interact with the brand and learn about them, as a result, a solid connection is formed.

AI and the modern business

Now, we know how digital marketing could bring valuable information to businesses. Let’s explore, how AI can be used in different applications of online marketing and benefiting the business world.

Use of AI Chatbots
With the advancement in natural language processing and semantic analysis, voice conversion technology has shown drastic improvement in customer service as it has become super easier to use. Analytics derived from language attributes helps to deliver great experiences to their customers. In comparison with manual customer service, AI chatbots have way more advanced.

AI chatbots allow businesses to go above and beyond the traditional “one-on-one” type of customer service by offering a “one-to-many” analogy. Hence, giving support to multiple customers at a time in different time zones or even answering customers 24 hours has become normal. Additionally, customers can interact in their preferred languages making it an excellent way to streamline processes

Email Marketing
AI enables brands to have personalized email marketing campaigns based on their user’s interactions. As said earlier, with the use of AI, your marketing team can understand the behaviour of your customers and send emails that are triggered their emotions. So, your customers can see relevant emails with clickable subject lines and the product information based on their interactions. In simpler words, AI helps marketers optimize email campaigns to get maximum results.

Digital Advertising
It is without a doubt that digital advertising is bearing the fruit of artificial intelligence. All that is done based on demographics such as age, gender, and personal interests to show relevant advertisements. Hence, enhancing the performance of digital ad campaigns. With the use of AI, marketers have the power to spot micro trends and even predict them, which helps to make strategic decisions about their target audience. This also helps businesses in optimizing the budget allocated towards paid advertising campaigns. Because with AI, marketers broadcast the right message at right time to the right audience.

Marketing Content
Today content marketing is very important in the field of digital marketing. Every marketing campaign creates awareness among your customers about your product and then nurtures your customers with valuable information and then makes a sale. Thanks to artificial intelligence, now you can find out which content is most effective and relevant to your audience and is based on the behavior of your target audience. So, you can utilize content marketing that maximizes the results and, giving them the power to create and share the right content that scores results.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more accessible to small businesses, as well as a valuable tool for digital marketing. This is helping your brand to grow and stay true to your customers’ expectations.