For the tech community, the holiday season is followed by that other most magical time of the year: the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CES is the largest tech event in the world, a weeklong conference where the world’s leading companies show off prototypes of their coolest innovations and ideas.

While much of CES is dedicated to lofty concepts like virtual reality, there are several innovations that have practical applications for contractors, freelancers and remote workers. With these new products, one-person operations will get much-needed help.

Which CES innovations should freelancers be most excited about? Here’s my list:


YOGA 900S: Your Laptop, But Skinnier

We all want to trim down in the new year, but Lenovo has taken the weight loss resolution to the next level with their new laptop. At a half inch thick, the 13-inch YOGA 900S laptop is as slim as the iPhone. The YOGA 900S is an elegant device that, as its name suggests, is very flexible: the laptop also converts into a tablet. And at only 2.2 pounds, it’s ideal for people who work on the go. The laptop will retail for $1,099 when it goes on sale in March.


Project Tango: The Tech that’s a Tape Measure

Google and Lenovo have created the home-contracting tool of the future. Their joint venture, Project Tango, developed sensors that let users measure areas with just their smartphone, so you can say goodbye to the tape measure. Perhaps the best part of Project Tango is that it will allow users to visualize what new furniture or appliances will look like in the actual space through the smartphone’s camera. Partnerships with Lowe’s and the furniture company Elemental will make it possible to determine if the couch is too big before it’s purchased.


Segway Advanced Personal Robot: 2-for-1 Transportation and Extra Hands

Freelancers who work on-site have their hands full, both figuratively and literally. The only thing tougher than juggling dozens of tasks is bringing your supplies with you wherever you go. Enter the Segway Advanced Personal Robot, a hoverboard slash robot helper. If you’re working on a large corporate campus, you could use your Segway Advanced Personal Robot to carry your supplies to your workstation. Then you could switch the device into hoverboard mode, which pops the robot back inside the board, and ride across campus to lunch. Production of the Segway Advanced Personal Robot starts in 2017.


Stabilo Digipen: For Non-Doctors With Terrible Handwriting

On first glance, a smart pen might seem an odd choice for this list. After all, iterations of the smart pen have been around for years. But the Stablio Digipen is something different. It is the only smart pen to work with any kind of paper. That means you no longer have to lug special notebook copy to enjoy the convenience of handwritten notes automatically converted into digital text. The pen requires a bit of training, but considering its surprisingly affordable $108 price tag, it’s worth the effort. Write on!



Every freelancer should know by now that cybersecurity needs to be a top priority. Every year sees more cyber attacks and more than ever customers are demanding we keep their data safe. Keezel Company has come up with an affordable solution for professionals who can’t afford their own IT squad. Keezel is the world’s first portable online freedom device, a personal device that enables users to connect to any Wi-Fi internet connection with the protection of a VPN. By eliminating the threat of attack, Keezel gives freelancers the peace of mind they need to do their best work. Keezels will start shipping in March.