Internet of Things is one of the most emerging technologies in today’s generation and almost by the next decade it is quite clear that almost everything on earth will be connected to each other and we would be living in the world of Internet of Things. Each and every individual must be aware of this amazing technology which is about to take over our world by surprise and every object, device and human being would be connected to each other and live a better organized life than they are living now. The question here is how well IoT would make our lives smarter and easier? What would be the innovations be like and how will they help us? Are those innovations really feasible and help us in the most advanced way except its cost of making?

Well, at first thinking about everything connected to everything sound really apt as each object would be communicating with every other object to let other objects know what is about to happen, what is happening now and what would be the possible outcomes in the near future. We humans would be very much aware of all on-goings around us and interact better to solve or know them. So let us discuss 5 great Internet of Things examples which could help us know the technology better.

5 Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) Examples

1. Philips-Hue Lighting

Philips-Hue Lighting Bulb

Philips Hue combines brilliant LED light with intuitive technology. You have the control of the lights in your hand with the mobile app they have developed. Together, the bulbs, the bridge and the app will change the way you use light. Experiment with shades of white, from invigorating blue/white to cozy yellow/white or play with all the colors in the spectrum. Hue can wake you up, help you in protecting your home, relive your favorite memories and improve your mood plus it keeps you informed about the weather. This is one of the smartest Internet of Things example we have found yet.

2. Google Glass or Apple Watch:

These are two of the devices created by the biggest companies in the world. Google Glass could be used to interact with the Internet and get all info right through the created device. Take images, surf the internet, check traffic and location and many other info and Apple watch can also be used to stay fit, keep alarms, and know whereabouts by the use of location app too.

3. Microchips


Microchips can be embedded in the bodies or collars of pet animals, so that we can keep a track of their movements and health easily.

4. Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels (IoT example)

Hilton have rolled out some great features in their app called ‘HHhonors’. Some features of this great IoT application are that it includes smartphone based check-ins and room key functionality. Guests are able to check-in, request of additional items to be in their room upon arrival (such as extra towels or a bottle of champagne). The Digital Key can also be used to get access into other areas of the property available to guests including the gym, pool and parking garage. They are still improving their services with respect to IoT technology day by day.

5. Walgreens

Walgreens Internet of Things

Walgreens allowed developers to access its photo printing services through APIs, which led to the creation of IoT applications that allowed users to print photos from Facebook and Instagram. These application got very popular and increased the customer engagements as well as company’s revenue to a next level.

Internet of Things is going to change the world and everybody knows that in some way or the other. So if you are thinking to start something which can contribute to this change you will be one of those getting a very high return of investment on implementing any such technology which could help IoT grow. We did our best to compile the best 5 IoT examples from around the world. Feel free to drop in your queries and discuss any IoT doubts or questions freely via comments. Cheers!