Although the use of text messaging is a good way of keeping in touch with your friends or family, IM, on the other hand, is finding a different application as a business building tool for the workplace.

IM is not only capable of opening a new line of communication between associates and departments throughout your company but it is also helpful to streamline customer services within your company. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy for using IM as a communication tool include:

Instant Messaging as Business Tool

Efficiency in communication
IM business tool will increase communication efficiency at your workplace far better than text messaging. Despite stigmas about the use of this tool rather than text, research has actually shown that businesses that have embraced IM as their communication tool, have recorded record increases in office productivity. This is because IM tool provides a possibility to send and receive information without leaving your seat.

Keeps business information safe
When compared to text messaging, the IM tool has been seen to have the ability to protect business’ information much better. This has resulted to reduction in concerns about keeping business’ proprietary information. With IM tool, you’re provided with keyword-sensitive features that you can use to monitor and track your employees’ conversations. Through this, IM helps maintain privacy and stops vital leaked information before it starts.

Excellent customer service
IM provides you with a better customer care service. Today, business competition has become so stiff that many business owners try to be good to customers. Businesses that do not execute good customer service are likely to collapse. This is why IM is a good customer service tool that will ensure that your clients are always being served.

Quicker to gain information
When you use IM as a business tool, you’ll receive information quicker than when you use text messages. Since IM is a widely-used tool for communication, it means it can lead you to get faster information than text messaging, which is between only few people. Additionally, with IM tool, you can easily track, archive or even print messages for legal and accountability purposes. This is not possible with text messaging.