Many people have written about the inadequacy of social media platforms as ideation platform and it’s true – for something as impactful and in-depth as innovation, it is important to have a tool that can reflect that impact and go to more profound depths. However, if you’re looking to the crowd to provide ideas and feedback on innovation then a lot of the same social mechanics apply. After all, as Kyle Hawk wrote “the hardest part of crowdsourcing is not the technology but the individual motivation and social dynamics in crowd participation.”

So here are three social media strategies that you can apply to your enterprise crowdsourcing program:

Respond in a Timely Manner, Consistently
Crowd conversation moves very quickly and community managers need to be able to respond thoughtfully and swiftly whenever possible so that other members can see how responsive the program is. It means that the community managers are not only listening, but that they might be able to deliver some results.

Encourage Visuals and Other Media to Drive Engagement
Or just add them yourself in the comments. Even if you just take twitter for example you can see that tweets with photos average 35% more retweets and tweets with videos average 28% more. Add photos and videos to ideas in order to give them more visibility and increase engagement.

Be Real
This might seem overly-simplified, but automated messages are going the way of the dodo. Form responses read like robots and if it isn’t a live person who is managing your account and ready to field questions or issues – the program as a whole will lose credibility and trust – hard things to rebuild once you’ve lost them.

IdeaScale has managed numerous enterprise innovation initiatives since our founding and because of that we have a staff of community managers who now maintain a solver community: IdeaBuzz. These are some of the tactics that they use to maintain continuous engagement across crowd segments and some of the ways that they work with organizations to help them find answers to their questions.

If you’re interested in seeing IdeaBuzz in action, sign up for a demo here.