3 Features To Look For In Rapid Deployment Solutions Maybe your company is considering rolling out and integrating new software to manage an integral part of your business. If time is of the essence, packaged software solutions that can be deployed quickly just may be exactly what you need.

Here’s why…

Software packages designed for rapid deployment implementations are perfectly designed to deliver everything you need – from soup to nuts. They will meet your business needs and get you up and running quickly.

What makes the concept of packaged solutions designed for rapid deployment so awesome?

Here are three key features you should look for:

Rapid Deployment: Set-up and deployment of packaged solutions support a speedy, predetermined timeline

This is key and allows you to see the value of the solution much sooner. Since most rapid deployment solution projects can be completed in 12 weeks or less, you spend less time worrying about reaching the finish line and more time reaping the benefits.. The entire installation and deployment is streamlined and efficient, making the timeframe reasonable and predictable – there are no surprises with a rapid-deployment implementation.

Defined Scope: Solution packages address a defined scope and stay on a budget

Rapid deployment solutions use a fixed-scope of work with a fixed-cost that remains within the defined budget (and this budget is based on company goals and solution performance). This is incredibly important for overall budget planning and ensuring that the solution provides what is needed and remains affordable.

As a direct result of the implementation, there can also be a reduction in service expenses, which can lead to an overall business cost reduction and provide full control over your ongoing budget.

The bottom line is that the initial cost and scope stay stagnant – no surprises and no astronomical costs – both great things.

Built-in Best Practices: Solution packages provide proven best practices

Look for software packages that are offered by companies with extensive experience in various industries. For instance, SAP offers to share its intellectual property by providing proven best practices, templates, guides, and educational material that supplement and support the solution and user adoption. These additions make the process run smoother and do not require you to recreate the wheel because, they’ve already created it for you.

Rapid Deployment solutions provide the building blocks of a sound business solutions strategy and will keep your company competitive into the future. Consider using one or more rapid-deployment solutions to solve your business problems and keep building and adapting to stay on the cusp of innovation.

SAP provides rapid deployment solutions, which can be found here: http://www54.sap.com/solutions/rapid-deployment.html

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