Face it: You won’t always feel inspired. In fact, you may feel most uninspired during moments when you need to be at your most creative. You have to finish an important business presentation. Your team is brainstorming for a new project. You’re required to come up with a fresh design for a product.  You’ve routed all your calls to your voicemail and holed yourself up in your room. But still, no ideas come to you, whether in visions or in reality. You just can’t find your muse. You must have left her in the Galapagos during your vacation. The thing is, there are ways to summon your meandering muse.  Here’s how you can give yourself an instant shot of inspiration:

Talk to someone who loves what he’s doing 

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His name is Gail.  People will be surprised to learn that Gail is male, but the initial surprise will be overpowered by the astonishing news that Gail left a high-paying job just after getting promoted to pursue work that he loves. Today, Gail is a successful wedding photographer and manages Foreveryday Photography with his wife. While he hasn’t quite reached the ranks of the top three elite photographers in his country, he has established a respectable reputation among his peers and clients. What’s more surprising is that Gail has made a name for himself after just a year of leaving his former job.  I wish every uninspired person could meet him.  You ask him how he found the courage to leave a stable job, and he answers enthusiastically, giving a short yet convincing testimony of how his faith and hard work have paid off to bring him to where he is right now. Like most young men, Gail is driven and idealistic. But he also has his feet firmly on the ground. Not every plan succeeds, but he finds better ways to do things.  When he’s not in a shoot, he reads and studies the works of other photographers. Since he doesn’t have any business background, he researches on marketing and branding strategies.

You don’t need to talk to Bill Gates to get inspired. Find someone within your circle and have a chat with them over a cup of coffee. You might be surprised to find yourself motivated after your brief rendezvous.

Read a biography or autobiography of a successful person

Maybe you’re not in the mood to talk to someone. Try the next best thing – crack open a book. To get fresh ideas, turn to those who have “made it”. One of my favorite books is Japanese businessman and philanthropist Kazuo Inamori’s A Passion for Success. Inamori is the founder of the successful Kyocera Corporation and KDDI Corporation.  Whenever I read a portion of his book, I get reminded of the value of effort, persistence, and compassion.  I also get inspired to get out of my usual way of thinking. Sometimes, you’re not inspired because you always do the same old strokes, and you’ve gotten tired of the routine. Grab some ideas from people who can be your mentors. The best mentors are the entrepreneurs who have experienced both failure and success, and sometimes, there’s no other way to get into their minds but read their books.

Go to YouTube or Vimeo

One of the best short videos I’ve ever watched on the web is Caine’s Arcade.  If a 9-year-old boy can turn his dreams into reality and inspire a worldwide movement, then I can do that too. The difference between people who achieve their dreams and people who don’t is that those who do take time to make their dreams come true.  They’re not only dreamers; they’re also doers.  And yeah, I got all this inspirational talk from a video about a 9-year old boy who had the audacity to build an arcade using cardboard. There are other videos on YouTube and Vimeo that can ignite your passion. Take a short break to watch them.

Of course, you just can’t end with inspiration. What matters is what you do with that dose of inspiration. Remember, your thoughts are powerful enough to be turned into life-changing action.  So fill your mind with the good stuff, and you’ll have better chances of being motivated for business.