3 Companies Who Found Wins in the Assets They Already Had

As business owners or department heads we are always looking for the next revenue channel or money saving widget. Since these widgets are built by a third party, the downside of finding it is the cost of implementing it into the business to achieve that long term success. Sometimes the biggest wins are from what’s right under your nose. These 3 businesses found ways to use assets they already had in new ways to see amazing growth.


SwayyEm was built to bring together bloggers and social media influencers with the brands they love to talk about in a seamless and easy to use platform. SwayyEm started out of a desire to better serve our clients. After unsuccessfully searching for external solutions we found the answer in technology we had already created which was morphed into the enterprise solution it is today. Originally SwayyEm was more of a solution used to track staff activities and help filter our network of bloggers to fit content type with campaigns. We recognized that the internal solution we had built could be repurposed and added onto to become what it is today. SwayyEm has gone on to be one of the leaders in helping to generate social media conversations about brands and their products at scale.


Shooting.org is the number one resource for firearm enthusiasts online and has been featured as a top “offbeat company” to look out for on Inc.com. With over 100,000 firearms for sale and 10,000 shooting ranges every outdoor sportsman can find what he’s looking for. Shooting.org’s CEO, Austin Andrukaitis, had a passion for firearms as well as a background in digital marketing. Andrukaitis’s background in working with some of the largest networks of firearm retailers with their online presence gave him the foundation to create Shooting.org. “Shooting.org was a culmination of my experience creating amazing online experiences for people and my love of guns,” Andrukaitis says. “I was able to take what I know and the firearm information gathered over a long career to create the number one firearm resource online.”

Lead Pages

Lead Pages is the more user friendly and advanced lead generation platform on the market allowing marketers and business owners to create customized landing pages without any coding experience needed. With their drag and drop technology, customers can use conversion tested templates to create landing page in minutes. Clay Collins, CEO of Lead Pages, worked for some of the largest information marketing companies on the internet giving him the industry knowledge to see the old way of creating landing pages didn’t offer small and medium businesses a low cost solution for their marketing campaigns. Using that experience and his coding background, Lead Pages was born.

Mining your existing assets, whether that’s experience or physical assets, can be a business’s greatest growth opportunity while keeping risk at a minimum. Dive into your proverbial closet and start digging to unearth your next big opportunity right under your nose.

Image via Shutterstock