Recently in the rise in popularity of webinars, new platforms have been popping up everywhere. Here we will discuss the best webinar platforms so that you can make the wisest decision ever.

What is a Webinar Platform/Software?

Webinar Platform is short for web-based seminars. Essentially a webinar is a video presentation, workshop, lecture or seminar which is transmitted through the web or internet using video conferencing software. With the rise of webinar platforms, each platform is unique to itself and it’s common to find webinar platforms offering audio sharing, documentation sharing, and application sharing. The following are some of the most common webinar platforms/software features:

  • Screen Share
  • Live Chat Amongst Attendees
  • Video File Sharing
  • Prerecord Options
  • Ability to connect with Multiple Presenters
  • Chat Filters
  • Conference Options
  • Calendar Scheduling Options

Now that you have further background in what is a webinar platform; look no further and let’s discuss the Best Webinar Platforms that we at Intricate Digital Recommend.

The Best Webinar Platforms Software

1. WebinarJam

There is no doubt about it, WebinarJam is the Best Webinar Platform in the business world. Every marketer would know that WebinarJam is the simplest and most intuitive platform for anyone looking to sell a product on a webinar.


WebinarJam: The Best Webinar Platform

A few things to note are the capabilities that come with WebinarJam. Users have the capability to moderate incoming comments from the audience and also allow you to poll your audience and highlight the most relevant comments.


  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Chat which includes moderators and private chat
  • Browser Friendly
  • Pop-up Opportunity
  • Automatically Recorded Video File
  • Compatible with YouTube + Facebook Live
  • Up to 6 Presenters on one screen
  • Ability to turn an audience member into a presenter temporarily


  • WebinarJam had some complaints about a 2 second lag in audio
  • This platform isn’t friendly with big big companies

Price: WebinarJam starts at $39.99 per month.

2. GoToWebinar is one of the Best Webinar Platforms

If you have been following Webinar Platforms, you are likely already familiar with GoToWebinar. It’s been around since the beginning of time. It’s well known for being well-integrated all in one platform for easy-to-use management capabilities.


GoToWebinar: The Best Webinar Platform

A few things to note are the capabilities that come with GoToWebinar. This webinar platform is one of a kind, it offers up to 5,000 participants and allows the opportunity to capture relevant registrant information and has an engagement dashboard.


  • Up to 5,000 participants in the room
  • Video File Sharing
  • Audio and Video Quality is Par


  • It’s very spendy on higher tier profiles
  • $900 a year is the most basic cheapest version
  • The Software can be debated as outdated

Price: GoToWebinar starts at $89 per month.

3. Best Webinar Platforms: Zoom

Zoom is a phenomenal arising webinar platform. Although it’s recommended that you don’t sell any products through this platform, Zoom is a great platform for small businesses in your local area. Zoom is free for up to 40 minutes and has under 100 attendees. Again, Zoom is a web conferencing tool more than anything else. Zoom

Zoom: The Best Webinar Platform

A few things to note are the capabilities that come with Zoom. Zoom is a fantastic video conferencing platform that features capabilities such as screen sharing, annotations, private and group chats, and video file recording.


  • Free Desktop Sharing
  • Works on all Browsers
  • Record the whole event or conference


  • Interface navigation is a bit confusing
  • Zoom has improvement opportunities within the hardware

Price: Zoom is free of cost as long as there are under 100 attendees and under 40 minutes in length. Paid plans start at $14.99 per month that includes unlimited time.

Tips When Choosing The Best Webinar Platform For You

Below we will discuss the best way to find out what the Webinar Platform is for you and your business.

  • What is your budget?
  • Is investing into an expensive plan worth it?
  • What is the size of your audience? How many participants do you plan on having?
  • What’s your audience like? Are they software friendly?
  • Is live chat important?
  • How many co-presenters are there going to be?
  • Are you promoting or selling a product?
  • Do you need to collect user information?
  • Do you want in-depth analytics?
  • Do you need to record the webinar?
  • Do you want pre-recorded webinar software?
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