All businesses want to grow bigger and better. Increased conversions, soaring profits, and greater customer satisfaction—they’re the good kind of rising numbers that help business owners sleep soundly. But growing your business isn’t always easy, and your well-intended plans can sometimes do more harm than good if carried out in the wrong way.

The good news is that live chat is a secret weapon that can make the process easier. Here’s why it works.

People appreciate a helping hand

When help is offered to you on a silver platter, it’s hard to to turn it down. Offering your online visitors the opportunity to ask questions or get help via live chat is the modern day equivalent of a store employee walking up to a customer and asking, “Can I help you find anything?” Proactive engagement can lead to a higher purchase rate and lower cart abandonment, and it’s a valuable source of feedback.

Chat data shows where your team needs work

If your company is experiencing a rapid growth in chat volume and wants to maintain its high level of service, then analytics and reporting can play an important role. Real-time metrics and in-depth reports on the performance of your customer support agents can tell you what’s working with your current structure and which aspects need extra attention.

It’s important for your business to remain operationally efficient while growing, so you can continue to provide great service without hiring more and more agents. Using data to track proactive chat interactions can help you adjust your support strategy and manage an efficient team as your business grows.

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