WHO YOU ARE: An Enterprise Company

Is it too much to say you’re the gold standard? We think not. As an innovator and forward-thinking company, the vast number of customers using your products and services makes it safe to say: You’ve made it. Yet in an environment with increased competition and amplified consumer voices, your focus naturally shifts to the customer experience—on fortifying your brand and building customer loyalty.


Herein lies the problem: sheer volume turns the customer voice into a dull roar. Even a small percentage of customers slipping through the cracks can be a big number, and customers are having a harder time seeing the people behind your brand. Your charge is to make sure your customers feel valued, and you’ve put a lot of time, elbow grease, and money into the technology that’s taken you this far. But it hasn’t taken you far enough. Somehow you’ve gone from cutting-edge to chasing what it means to provide modern customer service. You’ve got a great team and you need a better, simpler, and faster way to help (re)connect with your customers.


Whether you start with Zendesk Enterprise or move on up to the Enterprise Elite plan, these apps and integrations help tie support to nearly every area of your business.

Okta, OneLogin
There are probably more systems being used by your organization than you can really track. That’s why it’s important to have a single, unified command center to manage authentication and single sign-on. Okta is an on-demand identity and access management service that allows you to manage people, applications, and policies in one place, and to glean insight across all your web apps. OneLogin offers a free and secure single sign-on and active directory sync for Zendesk so that you can sync users in real-time and enforce multi-factor authentication.

With your vast social presence, chances are you don’t want to turn every social media interaction into a ticket. TRIBES helps you analyze your social channels, including any public mentions of your brand or products, to identify conversations that are relevant to support and automatically create tickets.

Wise Support
To further save your agents some time, Wise Support combs through high ticket volumes and classifies and prioritizes incoming tickets, and routes them to the right team. This means agents can spend more time on replies and less time figuring out what the ticket is for and where it needs to go.

Zendesk for Salesforce
Your agents prefer to work in Zendesk, your sales team prefers Salesforce. We know that story well. That’s why our Zendesk for Salesforce integration allows you to pick and choose only the parts of the integration that serve your business, whether it’s bringing sales data into Zendesk or syncing support data back to Salesforce.

Answer Suggestion, Time Tracking, Conditional Fields
These Zendesk homegrown apps are all about making Zendesk work even smarter for you. Answer Suggestion automatically searches your Help Center to serve up the most relevant articles to agents within a ticket. Time Tracking allows you to capture the amount of time your agents are spending on each ticket. The insight you’ll glean will help identify the types of issues (or customers) that take the longest to resolve, and will help surface areas where your agents excel. Conditional Fields allows you to build custom workflows on conditional fields within ticket forms, which helps keep your ticket forms clean and captures the information you need to make data-driven decisions.

[Your super awesome custom app]
Through the Zendesk Developer Portal you can build custom integrations with our APIs, create your own apps, and bring the full Zendesk experience to all your mobile apps with our mobile SDKs.

Cisco, Avaya, Genesys
You’ve got dedicated people in your contact center and you’re using systems like Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys to manage agents and route calls. When you integrate one of these telephony systems with Zendesk, you can better understand who your customer is and provide your agents with the info they need to answer the customer’s question, and to efficiently escalate inquiries.

Zopim, LiveChat, SnapEngage
How many thousand concurrent visitors are on your company’s site at any given time, and of those, how do you know which ones to talk to? Our Zopim chat product, as well as our partners LiveChat and SnapEngage, have scaled up to handle enterprise-level volume.

Ducksboard helps you to build the Zendesk dashboard of your dreams. That’s no small promise. But it is a great way to create and display in your contact center a real-time dashboard of the metrics that matter most to you—and your high-performing team.

Slack, Flowdock, Yammer
When organizations within a company become siloed and insular, it’s hard to achieve transparency. Try Slack or Flowdock for internal team communication and collaboration, or Yammer to share news and create better social support experience.

Tango Card, Ifeelgood Gifting
We’ve said it before: you can’t buy customer loyalty. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t reward or gift customers at times when a little extra sugar might go a long way. Tango Card and Ifeelgoods Gifting are both easy ways for agents to send personalized gift cards to a customer from within a Zendesk ticket, helping to boost satisfaction scores and increase retention. Talk about instant gratification.

You’ve got a great team working for you, and with Enterprise Elite, you can have another great team working with you

This is part of a series focused on extending Zendesk to meet your company’s most fundamental needs.

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