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How the Amazon Supply Chain Works

Have you ever thought about the logistics of the Amazon Supply Chain? As an Amazon seller, you will likely…

Chris Dunne
November 4, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

Why You Need Amazon Brand Registry in 2020

Counterfeit products and dishonest sellers will unfortunately always be prevalent across ecommerce marketplaces, even on big players like Amazon.…

Chris Dunne
October 28, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

7 Ways You Win With Amazon Repricing Software

If you want to grow your Amazon business, you’ll consider using a repricer sooner or later. When the head-scratching…

Chris Dunne
October 27, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

Amazon Seller Feedback: Everything You Need to Know

Amazon got to where it is today by providing a world-class experience for customers, an experience built on trust.…

Chris Dunne
October 26, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

Check Out Google Shopping: It’s Free, Global, and Ready and Waiting

Google shopping is the place to be. Taking advantage of free listings and appearing on organic searches is a…

Chris Dunne
October 19, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

Amazon Flywheel: What You Can Learn From Jeff Bezos

Amazon has always had a unique business structure and strategy for growth, which has enabled them to take over…

Chris Dunne
October 15, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

New Communication Guidelines for Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages

We are all used to Amazon making changes to its policies and guidelines. Generally, it is pretty good at…

Chris Dunne
September 28, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

How Will the Coronavirus Affect eCommerce in Q4 2020?

How is coronavirus impacting eCommerce? With the all-important final quarter looming, we’re comparing customer service statistics to see the…

Harry Nolan
September 4, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

Keep Your Customers Coming Back With ‘Surprise and Delight’ Technique

Loyalty cards broke my wallet. My favourite leather wallet blew out under the pressure of these credit card lookalikes,…

Liam Keegan
March 19, 2020
BrandViews / xSellco

6 Massive eCommerce Predictions to Watch Out for in 2020

eCommerce growth is set to continue in 2020 with global online sales expected to increase by nearly 19%, meaning…

Jay Leonard
December 18, 2019
BrandViews / xSellco

Amazon Feedback Requests: Has the Policy Changed?

Using Amazon feedback requests is a great way for online sellers to grow their positive reviews and ratings in…

Connor Brooke
December 10, 2019
BrandViews / xSellco

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