Social media is great for marketers. You log in and you are literally one click away from getting your content seen by millions of people!*


Social media also allows customers to reach you with any urgent queries they may have, and allows you to resolve complaints faster, and in public, which can be great for your image – if you do it right!

But sometimes the whirlwind life of a social media whizz kid can all become a little too much, can’t it?

Social media is a workaholic. It’s there, doing its thing, 24-7-365. And you obviously don’t work 24-7-365…unless…you’re a robot?

Anyway, it can be pretty easy to let yourself become bogged down by all of your social media duties. The bad news is, social media is NOT going to slow down. In fact, it’s getting bigger: social media users have risen by 176 MILLION in the last year!

The good news is, we’ve created a schedule that, if you can manage to stick to it, will allow you to take a step back from social media and get on with all of your other tasks.

Here’s how to rock your social media channels in just 10 minutes per day…

ENGAGE – 3 minutes

The whole point of social media is to be social – so engaging with your fans and followers should be at the top of your list every day! As soon as you log in to your social sites, the first three minutes (not much time, I know!) should be spent on engaging with your customers.

The first thing you should do is reply to all complaints and urgent enquiries. Depending on the size of your following, this may take up all of your time, or hardly any of it.

If you do have some extra time, then use that to create meaningful conversations with your customers. Retweet them, like their posts, thank them for following you. You can even seek out people that have problems relating to your industry and connect with them. For example, Nivea are a company that spend a lot of their time on Twitter reaching out to people that have problems and starting conversations with them that could turn them into prospective customers:



For most marketers, the reality will be that some days you won’t be able to get back to all of your queries – BUT THAT’S OKAY!

The only way to stop getting bogged down with social media is to turn it off and step away. If that means that some queries have to go unanswered, sometimes that is the option you have to take. Obviously, leaving major complaints unanswered is a big no-no, but if you want to manage your social media channels in just 10 minutes per day, you need to be okay with letting stuff roll on to tomorrow.

BROWSE – 2 minutes

Once you’ve responded to as many people as you could, and hopefully sparked some conversations, take some time to browse your social platforms. This is important, particularly on Twitter, where you can sometimes hitch a ride on relevant trending hashtags to increase your exposure. For example, when #NationalPizzaDay started trending, Pizza Hut took that as the perfect opportunity to post this:


Domino’s also jumped at the opportunity:


POST – 1 minute

Scheduled posts are great for making sure you have a regular presence on social, but real-time posts allow you to show the human side of your business. So, take a minute each day to post something in the “spur of the moment”.

The important thing to remember is that all of your posts must be relevant to your industry. The moment you post something that your customers don’t want to see, they will start to disappear. For example, people don’t want to see you promoting your business all the time, they want to see cool, relevant content that appeals to them, like this from Harry Potter fan site, MuggleNet:


ANALYSE – 2 minutes

Quickly glancing at your analytics every day will help you to understand which of your posts perform best so you know what kind of content to keep posting on your social channels and what to put a lid on.

You can do this by quickly peeking at your statistics within each individual social media channel:

These are easy to read (as seen above) and each post is usually listed in order of popularity – so the best ones are easy to find!

To further save you time, you could use a system like Hootsuite, that keeps all of your social data in one place.

SCHEDULE – 2 minutes

The last two minutes of your social media time should be spent on scheduling. As we mentioned in the introduction, social media is 24-7-365, so it’s important to have a presence even when you’re not actually there.

Use the data from your analytics to pick optimal posting times, and make your posts unique to each channel. For example, on Facebook, you’ll want to post visual, engaging content a couple of times a day (no more than three, ideally). However, on Twitter you should post more regularly, and because you are restricted by the character limit, make sure you post snappy, relevant content, that will catch your audience’s attention as they are scrolling through.

Final Thoughts

So, maybe you’ve finished reading this article and you’re thinking: “This girl is CRAZY, there is no way that I can rock my social media channels in just 10 minutes!

Maybe you’re right…about the crazy thing anyway.

But, the truth is, you can rock your social media channels in 10 minutes or 10 hours if you want to. Any presence on social media is great, and because it’s live and always changing your business probably would benefit from a constant presence on social media. But, it’s just not practical. You have other marketing tasks to do.

To get the most out of your social media channels whilst also getting the most out of your day, you have to set a time limit and create a plan. The one above may or may not work for you, but just make one that will and stick to it. Otherwise, you’ll be the one going crazy!