This is one video marketing mistake you don’t want to make…

Let’s get one thing straight…

We love videos at Wyzowl.

Videos are our bread and butter. And, because we know just how many hours of effort go into making one teeny minute of animated video, we believe that every video is beautiful in its own way.

But, of course, some videos perform better than others, and there’s a reason for this. There is one big mistake that some video marketers are making. And we’re going to reveal it right now.

Like now.

After this sentence.

The number 1 mistake of video marketers is: over-complicating things!

Take it away, Avril:

In all seriousness, this is a mistake that sooo many video marketers are making right now. And it’s one of those mistakes that is almost too late to rectify (without paying hand over fist for lots of changes to your video, or just paying for a new video altogether), because by the time your audience see it and say to themselves ” What is this?” or ” I don’t understand what this does!“, or the dreaded: ” Boooooring!“, the video has already been completed and posted online for all to see.


But don’t worry too much. We’re here to help.

We won’t be drawing your attention to any “bad” videos in this article. That’s not our thing. ” All videos are beautiful” — remember?

Instead, we prefer to spread positivity! So, let’s take a look some of the most simple videos out there, and see how they get it so, so right.

1. BaseCamp

This video is exceptionally short. It’s snappy and to the point, getting the job done in less than 60 seconds.

Shorter videos are better for engagement. According to Wistia, videos under 1 minute enjoy 80% viewer retention, while videos that are 2-3 minutes in length only receive a 60% retention rate.

But it’s not just the short length that keeps this video from being complicated. The video answers just one question:

What is a project?

They don’t go overboard on the explanation or the animation. They’ve even managed to include, and name, members of their team without gong into unnecessary detail. When you’re making your video, it may seem of vital importance to include the fact that Joan has been in the industry for over 10 years, or that Anton has his ear pierced, but details like this just complicate things.

To make a great video, you need to focus on one message – one question that needs to be answered – otherwise, things start to get too complicated and viewers turn off. Explainer videos are not supposed to show a full breakdown of your product, they should be designed to tease viewers into visiting your website to find out more.

2. GoPro

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Fifteen quick seconds of awesome footage and powerful music — no speech. No:

Buy this camera

This could be you

Meet John. He likes skiing

There is none of that because it’s not needed to sell the product. Adding text like the above would make the video boring and unnecessary complicated.

This teaser simply lets the product speak for itself. And it works.

3. SpeakOnChat

This awesome video shows that you don’t have to take your brand, or your product, too seriously. And you don’t have to be literal about everything either. Sometimes taking everything literally can make your video more complicated than you intend to. I mean, obviously a llama and a penguin won’t fall in love over this app ( I don’t think so, anyway!), but it’s a simple and humorous way to get the point across.

You care a lot about your brand. It’s your pride and joy! But that’s no reason to take all of the marketing you do super-seriously. Videos, particularly animated videos, are intended to be a fun way to digest information. Sometimes, when you care too much, you can complicate the video.

You start to wonder if viewers will really identify with your penguin characters (” What if the viewers don’t like penguins?!“), and then you begin to dissect the message (” Doesn’t a drunk dog texting its boss look disrespectful?!“).


Take a leaf from Avril’s book and stop making things so complicated.

Sometimes it’s best to take a deep breath, step back, and leave the video creation to the professionals. Video agencies want your video to look awesome just as much as you do, after all, a terrible video would reflect badly on them as well as you.

And besides, everybody loves penguins!

4. DashRemind

This video has many similarities to the GoPro video above. There’s no voiceover, no gimmicks, just an upbeat soundtrack and footage of the app in action.

Throughout the video, we are never distracted from the app. All we can see on the screen is the app on a white background and the occasional snippet of text offering further explanation.

Distractions can make video complicated and annoy viewers. If you want a viewer to download your app, then there’s no need to fill the screen with characters and show them using the app in different situations. Sometimes, all you need to show is your product.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to make a great video that’s going to stand out and raise awareness for your brand, you need to remember one thing: Simplicity is Key.

To avoid the number one mistake made by video marketers, you need to take many things into account:

  • Explainer videos are teasers: you don’t need to show every feature of your product or every member of your staff.
  • Attention spans are short: don’t make your video too long, and don’t cram too much on screen. Keep it simple.
  • Sometimes it’s best to take a step back: the passion you have for your product or brand can cloud the creative flow of your video. Don’t be afraid to leave it to the professionals.

Bottom Line: Stop making things so complicated!