Since it first created a buzz among marketers all those years ago, video marketing has become synonymous with promoting businesses. It’s true that video is one of the best ways to raise awareness of your brand and increase your sales.


There is so much more you can do with video!

Video marketing is an inexpensive and accessible way to improve customer support, engagement, and satisfaction. In this article, we’re going to show you how!

Customer Support

Is there a more disappointing, deflating feeling than having to resort to calling customer support?

It’s not necessarily the calling part that is so frustrating, it’s the amount of time you spend on hold, the way you’re passed from person to person, and, not to mention, the fact that you have to call in the first place because the product or service let you down!

According to Harris Interactive/RightNow research, the top two reasons for customer loss are:

  • The customer feels poorly treated by rude staff
  • There’s a failure to resolve the problem in a timely manner

If there’s one thing that is precious to ALL of your customers, it is their time. One of the best ways to save their time is to create support videos that allow them to help themselves whenever they run into trouble with your product or service.

The best way to do this is to look through all of your previous support queries and determine the most common problems that your customers have. From there, you can make a series of short videos that customers can watch at their leisure. So you can replace a potential twenty minute call with an irate customer with a 60 second video that leaves your customers feeling satisfied and back in control. In a recent Wyzowl survey, we found that if customers are having difficulty with an app or a product, 68% of them actually prefer to watch a video that explains how to solve the problem, rather than calling the business to speak to their support team.

Giving your customers the tools they need to solve their own problems not only saves valuable time and resources for your business, it also saves customers’ time and makes them happier. Over half of businesses that already use support videos have reported that they have reduced the number of support calls they receive.

So it’s clearly a popular tactic! In fact, by 2018, Gartner predicts that 100 of the 500 largest global businesses will introduce video-based support for customer interactions. For today’s fast-paced, mobile customers, saving time is a huge priority and with customer support videos, you can make that happen.

Mavenlink is a project management software that allows teams to unite project management, time tracking, resource planning, and more into one place. To assist their customers and also reduce their support queries, Mavenlink came to Wyzowl for a series of customer support videos. Each video focuses on a particular topic and takes users through it step-by-step. The video below shows users exactly how to invite a client or colleague into a project workspace – all in less than a minute. Problem solved!

Customer Engagement

Continuing with the theme of self-help videos and product walk-throughs, these types of videos are also great for engagement. People have a reason to watch these videos in their entirety, and this sends a great message to search engines. If you have videos on your website that receive a consistent number of views (views that play the whole video through rather than bouncing or skipping) then you’ll notice your SEO start to improve fast. Search engines don’t care what type of videos you create, as long as they’re popular with visitors of your website.

Arguably, the very best place to engage with your customers is on social media. But you have to make sure your videos are “social friendly.”

What’s that, you ask?

Social friendly videos are the type of short-form, fun videos that people are searching for when they’re hanging out on social media. Social media is not a place to hard-sell, so you should try to avoid posting promotional content on your profiles. However, your content should still reflect your brand in style and tone of voice. Here are a couple of examples:


Watch the video here:

Open up with Oreo and take a ride with a new friend.

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Watch the video here:

As you can see, these videos are fun, snappy and while hinting at the brand’s products, they aren’t ‘sales-y’ at all.

Another wonderful use of video when it comes to increasing customer engagement is product videos on ecommerce websites. Buying online is not without its qualms. We’ve all bought a product that didn’t look as it was advertised upon arrival. This is because, despite what people say, the camera can (and does!) lie. Photos can be touched-up, and lighting and positioning can be manipulated to present a product as bigger, cleaner, better (etc.) than it actually is. A moving camera, on the other hand, cannot lie. Videos give us a better view of products in use, meaning we can buy with more confidence . In fact, 79% of consumers would rather use video to get information about a product than read text on a page. On top of that, 84% of consumers felt convinced enough to buy a product after watching a brand video about it.

Customer Satisfaction

Making sales is important. But selling a product or service without a good description isn’t the best way to do business. This is where video can help. With a clear explainer video that outlines the key benefits of your product or service, you can manage customer expectations (and ultimately, satisfaction!) by presenting viewers with an overview of exactly what to expect. This allows people to buy with confidence and can also help to increase your ROI.

A really attractive explainer video is a nice way to set yourself apart from competitors and it also introduces customers to your brand. In our experience, the best explainer videos are between 60-90 seconds in length and follow a simple three step process

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Benefit

This allows you to outline difficulties that viewers can relate to and then present your brand/product/service as the best solution. A great way to end an explainer video is with the benefits that are unique to your company.

Example: MagFinder

MagFinder, an app that helps users find their favourite magazine, came to Wyzowl for an explainer video to introduce their product to the world and manage customer satisfaction. As you can see in the example above, this video follows the problem, solution, benefits formula to a tee!

Final Thoughts

Video has many uses in the marketing world and, more importantly, it is an appealing form of content for consumers. Hopefully this article has given you lots of ideas for different ways you can use video in your business to improve customer support, engagement, and satisfaction.