Did you know, that a Vine video is shared on Twitter every five seconds? Vine offers a free opportunity for brands to create fun and engaging videos, so it’s hardly surprising that so many brands can be found on this social platform.

But with just 6.5 seconds to play with, it’s can be tricky to get it right. The great thing about Vine is that it’s hard to sell yourself in such a short amount of time. So it means that marketers have to use the platform for what it’s intended for — creating fun, videos that people can like and share.

So I decided to check out some of the top brands on Vine, and see how creative they are on this unique social platform….

1. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts are a playful brand, so it’s hardly surprising they are a stand-out brand on Vine. And in 2013, they did what no other brand has done before and created a commercial that was made entirely on Vine. Whether they’ve got a new flavour to promote, they’re having fun or celebrating a national holiday, Dunkin Donuts have mastered the art of a good video.

2. Disney Parks

Take a look at Disney’s Vine and you’ll fall in love with their magical videos! Their profile features Vine’s from their parks all around the world and this brand is pretty resourceful with what they do. Not only do they film fun events, fireworks and character parades, but they create imaginative stop animation using any materials that they can get their hands on! Check out an example below:

Here’s a brand that has managed to use their product in every single video, but in a way that doesn’t annoy or put the user off. Every video is fun and playful, and tends to offer a different tip on how to enjoy your cookie. They even get pretty creative around the holidays by featuring the cookie in various scenarios, relating to the holiday that is being celebrated. Like this one below!

4. General Electric

General Electric are pretty successful at what they do, so much so that they are number 7 on the Forbes ‘most powerful brands‘ list. So it’s hardly surprising that they have a stellar personalty on Vine. More recently they celebrated the anniversary of the moon landing by creating a campaign of Vine’s featuring moon boots, Buzz Aldrin and even a mock-up of a moon landing! With so many different sectors, General Electric can afford to promote various themes within their Vine posts.

5. Gap

So not only does Gap feature colourful Vines with the latest season trend, they post videos of various events, cat walk shows, and celebrity endorsements. They even like to share other videos that they like on Vine — which is the sign of a company engaging with their fans and embracing the art of content marketing. Check out a typical Vine by Gap below:

6. Trident Gum

So how much can you really do with a piece of gum? Well, quite a lot as this brand has proven with their creativity on Vine. They’ve really perfected their stop motion skills by using their gum in every situation you could imagine. It’s bold, it’s colourful and it really works. Take a look at the average video you can expect to see on their page:

7. Peanut Butter

In comparison to the other brands in this countdown, Peanut Butter & Co are a smaller team of just 12, but that didn’t stop them from creating a buzz on Vine. In fact, on national peanut butter day, they managed to drive 300,000 impressions and got over 6,000 people to download their coupon’s, all from the help of a Vine! But then again, who doesn’t love peanut butter?

8. Dove

Now here’s a brand that knows how to create an exceptional marketing campaign by helping women embrace their natural beauty. We’ve already blogged in the past about how good they are at content marketing, and they continue to offer the same inspiring content on Vine too. Their videos feature beauty tips, feel good videos and back stage footage.

So there you have it – 8 brands that are killing it on Vine! Is there any brands that you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!