Find out how to totally rock your Facebook channel using video content…

A Facebook page can be very beneficial when you have a business, it acts like an extension of your website. It’s ideal for sharing news, content (both created and curated) and building relationships with your consumers.

An area of Facebook that is really taking off at the moment is video content, with the social platform encouraging direct video uploads to their platform by improving the algorithms that track and rank native video content, based on the number of views and duration.

So how can you rock your Facebook channel using video content? Check out our tips below, with some examples from those brands already rocking video on Facebook.

1. Don’t make your videos too long

SocialBakers carried out some research in this area and found that videos that were less than 21 seconds performed in the Top 25% for completion rates. And with a third of the 1.32 million people who log in to Facebook doing so exclusively through the mobile phones this makes sense. Those people logging in are probably doing so to do a number of different things at once and aren’t going to want to spend ages watching a video.

Tip Hero videos all have a high number of likes and views and as you can see don’t run longer than 1 min.


The optimum time we would recommended is 2 mins or less, the shorter the better though. A Wistia study revealed data showing that people are more likely to watch a video in its entirety if it’s shorter.

2. Share your brand’s message

Using video as a catalyst to share your brand mission is ideal, and Facebook is the perfect place to use this type of video content. The reason being, more and more people are turning to the social media platforms to learn about their favourite brands. In fact, 50% of people asked in a Lab42 survey said they find a brand’s Facebook page more useful than their website.

Dove are a great example of a brand using video content to share their message. Making their videos less about the products they sell and more about the values they stand for. This gives the audience something to connect with and will no doubt encourage more views and shares.

3. Be emotive

Video content can be great for evoking emotion in an audience so try to incorporate this into your own video content on Facebook. It can be anything from making your audience laugh to making them feel angry or sad.

Research by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science found that the videos that were shared the most on social media were those that triggered strong emotions — whether good or bad.

This example from Bright Side racked up 42 million views on Facebook in 3 weeks, with a cute little video that makes you feel all emotional about your mum. According to Tubular, Bright Side got 449 million views on their Facebook videos last month (March 2016) so they must be doing something right, including the use of emotion in their vids.

4. Have fun

Some of the most popular Facebook channels using video content are the ones that have fun with it. It’s more then likely people will watch videos for that very reason, as a bit of light relief from the day to day stuff.

General Electric did just that when uploading their video content to encourage new applicants to join their team. The use of humour, instead of a standard apply here, shows the brands personality which helps the intended audience identify with them.

5. Take advantage of the new video styles

Facebook are testing new things all the time regarding video content which is great for businesses as it provides more interesting ways for you to connect with your audience. The two newest video features on Facebook are Live and 360.

Live Video

Currently rolling out to everyone with a Facebook Profile or Page, on both iOS and Android, although it’s still early days. Live video on Facebook offers a whole new way to connect with your audience via the social media platform. Use it for: exclusive news, Q&A, interviews, behind the scenes, demos and much more.

Check out this example that was live from The White House:

Facebook Live gives you the potential to reach everyone who follows you, but as with anything else you post it may not be likely. However, there is the option to boost the live stream and if you start doing regular live slots you can encourage subscribers, which means they’ll be notified when you’re about to go live in future.

The interactivity of the Live video is one of it’s key benefits as your viewers can comment as you broadcast and you can see it in a separate comments section below the video window, rather than on screen like Periscope currently does.

360 Video

A bit more technical than the Live option 360 is available to anyone with a Page on Facebook. To carry out 360 video you will obviously require more than just your iOS or Android but the results can be phenomenal. Offering your audience a new and exciting way to interact with your brand.
Use it for: behind the scenes, to show off a new products, demos, events and more.

Check out this example from National Geographic:

The fact that the audience can move round the screen independently makes this a great way for them to interact with your brand because they’re in control.

The options for video content are really starting to branch out on Facebook and other social media, Youtube introduced 360 video in March 2015, meaning exciting times ahead for video marketing. Watch this space!

More top tips for video content on Facebook:

– Include subtitles where appropriate — this option will encourage more views with the fact that videos first play without sound in the newsfeed.

Pin video content to the top of your page — that way it doesn’t get pushed down when you upload new content. Good for helpful explainer videos that you want more people to see.

– Add a call to action to the end of your video content.

– Check out our ebook: “The Complete Guide to Using Video on Facebook” for more ways to rock video content on your Facebook channel.