10 smart tips from interviewing neil patel

Recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30, Neil Patel is – as he puts it – kind of a big deal..

So when he agreed to let a humble copywriter from the world of video marketing interview him, I was pretty darn excited.

We touched on everything from content marketing and explainer videos, to big business mistakes and greatest ever inventions.

As you’d expect from a super successful entrepreneur, he was truly insightful and I left the interview with 10 awesome tips to takeaway and act upon.

Check them out below, or catch the FULL video interview at the bottom.

Neil Patel profile

#1. Use an explainer video to overcome objections

As a content marketing company that specializes in explainer videos, we wanted to know the untold story behind his super-awesome Crazy Egg video.

So why did he create it?

Neil set out to create an explainer video because he realized that the people landing on his site were not converting.  He knew that he needed to overcome their objections for not signing up for his product, and he knew that they wouldn’t all read the copy, making an explainer video the perfect tool to help…

Neil Patel explainer video quote

When a person first lands on your site, chances are they’re interested in your product, but they’re not fully convinced if you can help them. That’s why an explainer video can be so valuable to your bottom line. Use a video to clearly explain what you can do for the customer and tackle those objections head on!

#2. Lay solid foundations within your script, to achieve high ROI

At Wyzowl HQ, we often debate over which aspect of a video is the most important part.  So we put it to Neil to get his expert opinion…

Neil Patel script tips

Couldn’t agree with you more on that one Neil!

A script is basically the roadmap to your video. Without it, you’d quite simply be lost. When crafing your script you need to think about the story that you want to tell to your audience. What pain points do your customers have? Use those to begin your story as this will instantly grab their attention, then you can move on to show the customer that your product is their solution.

For more help on how to write a solid script, check out our previous blog: How to write an explainer video script.

#3. Don’t overload your video with too much noise

Being passionate about your product is human nature. But when it comes to creating a short video, you gotta condense all of that passion into a 60 second message, making it hard to know what to leave in, and what to leave out.

So how does Neil do it?

Neil Patel customer quote

Truth be told, a video can really suck if you cram it full of features. Sure, you may have loads of features and benefits that you want to brag about, but an explainer video shouldn’t be the manual to your product – it should be the hook. Lure your audience in with a teaser video that lasts no more than 60 seconds and you’ve made yourself an effective selling tool.

And, no matter what type of content you are creating, you need to remember who you are creating it for. You’re not trying to impress your colleagues, your boss or your cat. No, you are trying to attract your audience, so you gotta sit up and listen to what they want to see, hear and read.

For more tips on how to create an explainer video:

Exclusive Bonus: Download a checklist with 25 tips to help improve your explainer video!

#4. ALWAYS create content with a purpose

When creating content Neil agrees that content works best when it’s educational and highly useful…

Neil Patel content marketing quote

In a content marketing OBSESSED world, it’s no longer enough to create content that’s shallow. It needs to offer value so that your audience can’t find anywhere else, otherwise they will go somewhere else to find what they are looking for. And as Neil says, once you start creating content that your audience continues to learn something from, they will keep coming back for more.

#5. Graphics and guides are the next BIG thing

Everyone wants to be the first to come up with an awesome idea, so we asked trend setter Neil, what’s coming up next…

Neil Patel infographic quotes

Visual peices such as infographics not only look awesome – they’re also highly shareable. And they don’t have to cost the earth if you choose the right person to create them. If you want complete planning and research, a custom design that will fit your brand and outreach promotion then take a look at our pricing page.

#6. Keep testing different channels to see what works

If you want to be successful then you need to find out what works for your business. There isn’t one set-in-stone rule of making it big. It’s all about discovering your own path. So you may start out with your specific product in mind, but if it doesn’t translate well to your audience then it’s OK to go back to the drawing board and find out what will work…

Neil Patel business quotes

And when you do have something that you know has lots of potential to succeed then make sure you put everything you can into marketing it to your audience. To turn your small business into a huge brand, you need to convince people that you are trustworthy at what you do…

Neil Patel social media

#7. Measuring content marketing ROI is possible – and it’s important

We recently surveyed our audience to find out if they measure ROI, and over half said they don’t measure ROI. But if you’re not measuring it, how do you know if it’s even working for your business? Neil gave us some top tips on how to get it right:

Neil Patel conversion quote

Collecting emails from your content marketing efforts can be tough. It’s not as simple as asking your audience for their email address, you need to nurture that person, from the very moment they notice your brand, right through to becoming a customer…

Neil Patel email quotes

If you want to get to the point where you achieve ROI using emails, you need to start following the Inbound Methodology, so that you can apply the right science to your content efforts. Wanna know what this science is? Check out our Inbound Methodology video that we created! 

#8. Neil Patel is just as normal as the next guy

In marketing terms, we all know that Neil Patel, is you know, kind of a big deal. So we really wanted to know how crazy his life truly is…

Neil Patel personality

Sounds pretty familiar to us Neil.

#9. No-one is truly original

When it comes to awesome inventions, don’t you just wish that you’d thought of it first? Well, not according to Neil. He told us that from one good invention, comes a great one, and he kinda has a point:

Neil Patel invention quotes

#10. It’s OK to make mistakes

Like every successful entrepreneur, Neil is not afraid to make mistakes, but does he have any regrets?

Neil Patel mistakes quote