Apple recently released iOS 12 in public beta mode, pending the official September release. The update, while maybe not as showy as prior releases, promises improvements in speed and numerous bug fixes for users—plus a few upgrades for developers.

Typically with developer betas, to download the new version you need an Apple developer account ($99), but with this public beta release, it’s available to anyone. So what else can you expect with this update?

1. Better performance and speed.

Many updates get a bad rap for slowing performance, especially on older devices such as the iPhone 6. This update promises to do the opposite.

2. Core ML 2 upgrades to machine learning capabilities.

Apple’s machine learning framework Core ML gets an upgrade, and developers can build and train ML models with the Create ML framework.

3. ARKit 2 goes multiplayer.

iOS 11 gave us ARKit, the augmented-reality framework for developers. With iOS 12, ARKit 2 is new and improved and allows for multiple users.

4. Better insight into how you’re using your device with Screen Time.

Ever wondered how much time you spend looking at your phone? Or how much time you spend on each app? Screen Time is trying to boost awareness and help users look at their phones less.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, said, “In iOS 12, we’re offering our users detailed information and tools to help them better understand and control the time they spend with apps and websites, how often they pick up their iPhone or iPad during the day, and how they receive notifications.”

Use Screen Time in a few ways, proactively and reactively. Create weekly reports to see how much time you’ve spent looking through your various feeds, schedule downtime, or set App Limits for certain apps that notify you when you’re about to reach the time allocated. Parents can set App Limits for kids across all their iOS devices.

5. Improved Do Not Disturb feature.

This feature, also in the vein of helping you look at your phone less often, is improved in iOS 12. In addition to scheduling and setting call exceptions, you can turn on Do Not Disturb for an event in your calendar or for a certain location. That means you could turn on Do Not Disturb whenever you arrived at the office or when you went to church. Then it automatically turns itself off when the event is over or you leave.

6. New Camera APIs.

The Depth API and Portrait Segmentation API will improve the Portrait Mode camera functionality.

7. Grouped Notifications.

If you have any particularly “noisy” apps, Grouped Notifications will streamline home screen activity, allowing you to view, manage, and disable an app’s related notifications altogether. This is another way Apple is trying to give you control over your phone, rather than having your phone control you.

8. Workflow is here as Siri Shortcuts.

For fans of automation, the Workflow automation app acquisition means new automation features in the form of Siri Shortcuts with the Shortcuts app.

So what will it be able to do? Apple explains, “Siri can now intelligently pair users’ daily routines with your apps to suggest convenient shortcuts right when they’re needed. Users can even run shortcuts with their voice and create their own shortcuts with the new Shortcuts app.”

9. Developers can tap this functionality with the Shortcuts API.

FaceTime now supports group conversations.

The previous inability to facilitate group video-call conversations made it more likely users would keep an app such as Skype. Now, as long as you have an iPhone, you can participate in group calls via FaceTime.

10. Changes to the FaceID function.

With iOS 12, if you’re using an iPhone X you’ll be able to designate a second face so that someone other than you can unlock your phone.

Developers can get a sneak peek here. Stay tuned for the official release, and use caution if you opt to download the beta version. TechCrunch recommends not trying it out on your primary device, to be safe.