Scaling your team but don’t have the time to individually vet talent? Wondering if it’s possible to hand over the reins of the interviewing and vetting process and still get the talent who’s right for you? Engaging a freelance recruitment consultant is an investment you should consider making—and here’s why.

Organizations don’t want to lose time and money on engagements that don’t pan out. That’s why it’s important to do your best to ensure someone’s the right fit. There’s no guarantee you’ll find the perfect person every time, but there’s plenty you—or a recruitment consultant—can do to narrow the field: spend time discovering their personalities and communication styles, review the quality of their work.

Here’s a closer look at how recruitment consultants can help.

Freelance Recruitment Consultants Can Help Vet Candidates Faster

Freelance recruitment specialists can take on the sometimes-tedious tasks of vetting potential hires. They’re adept at identifying the qualities, traits, and experience required to successfully complete a project, and they’re also able to gauge the soft skills and personality traits that may make a candidate a good fit.

A freelance recruitment consultant can help narrow the potential candidates to a short list by

  • reviewing prior work and portfolios
  • sifting through client reviews and ratings
  • vetting for skills, including assessment scores, certifications, and accolades
  • handling initial contact with talent to gauge interest, relevant experience, and ability to communicate in a clear and timely manner
  • running first rounds of video interviews based on questions or criteria you provide

You might opt to conduct the final phases of the interviewing and onboarding process, or you might make your choices and then let the consultant provide them everything they need to get started. Either way, the consultant will act as a filter so that it is much easier for you to make your final decision.

Setting Up Your Freelance Recruitment Consultant for Success

It takes a certain amount of trust to hand over the vetting process to someone else, but it also requires some work on your part to make sure the recruitment consultant has what is needed to fill the role properly. Make sure he or she has a clear understanding of your style, your brand, what your projects entail, and any pertinent deadlines or availability restrictions.

Aside from those hard-and-fast details, discuss what else you’re looking for in a candidate—maybe by explaining what kind of hiring manager you are and the type of person who compliments your work style best. By receiving this information up front, the consultant should be able to represent your brand and vet talent with only minimal time and input from you.

A freelance consultant can help answer questions like:

  • Does the candidate’s style align with that of my organization? Does his or her experience match our needs?
  • What’s his or her preferred method of communication?
  • Will he or she be able to complete deliverables by a deadline?
  • Will the candidate mesh well with the people he or she will be working with?

Tap Freelancers You’re Already Working with to Vet New Talent

Already engaging contingent workers? Do you have freelancers you trust who have been on your team awhile? If they have the bandwidth or interest, have them step in and handle some of the initial vetting. This might mean they hop on a video call to chat with the potential new talent, oversee a test project, review client feedback, or take the time to look over portfolios for relevant prior projects.

Bonus: Because your current freelancers may be working with the new talent, you know they’ll be focused on finding a high-quality contributor who ultimately makes the team better as a whole, rather than just filling a role for the sake of filling a role. Also, they know how you work, and they understand the nature of the work.