a silhouette of a man holding a video camera in a field at sunset

You were scrolling through your Facebook feed when a slick, fast-paced video caught your eye. It was a 30-second animated spot from a company not unlike your own, explaining who they are and what they do, with fun music and a link to learn more.

If your immediate thought was “I could really use a video like that,” your next thought might have been “What (and who) does it take to create a video that’s so polished?”

The answer: You don’t need a full-time videographer or a big production company to get in the video game. In some cases, all you need is one skilled editor. But with a variety of highly skilled talent at your fingertips—from voiceover artists and sound editors to scriptwriters and animators—any type of video you need is possible.

To get you started thinking about what kind of video you’d like, check out these recent video projects companies have used Upwork freelancers to produce.

1. An attention-grabbing short video for social sharing

Videos reign supreme when it comes to social and can get more engagement than nearly every other medium. Boost metrics and social ROI with short videos you can share across all platforms—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The deliverable: A short, polished video (60 seconds to 5 minutes) with light audio and sound editing. Simply provide an editor with clips or a rough cut for editing and polishing—including adding intro and ending graphics, lower-thirds, and a CTA where applicable.

Who you’ll need: A social media video pro with experience in video editing, audio editing, and editing software like Final Cut Pro.

Example video:

French fashion design label Isabel Marant had this short 43-second video created to announce the opening of a new flagship store on their social channels. It was produced using in-store shots, B-roll, and some light sound effects and music with intro text.

2. A marketing video to boost brand awareness

A video is the easiest way to package up a brand and its messaging in a creative way. Show who you are and what you’re all about, then use that video as a primary introduction across your website, social platforms, and even live events.

The deliverable: A fresh, modern 3-4 minute video explaining who you are and what you do. It can be pulled together with B-roll you already have, or lean on original animation to bridge gaps in the storyline or cover more complex topics. Note: Different versions should be created with appropriate aspect ratios for each platform.

Who you’ll need: An expert video editor, producer, or motion graphics designer, depending on your needs.

Example video:

Upwork created the above animated, motion graphics video to explain “How Upwork Works,” simplifying the process of finding and hiring freelancers for new users into a 2-minute video that can be paused, rewatched, and shared with coworkers to help quickly and easily explain how the platform works.

3. Recorded voice over for your video

Some videos rely entirely on voiceover to get their message across—consider the award-winning BBC Blue Planet series, in which an artful script transforms wildlife footage into complex, captivating narratives. A skilled voice artist can transform a video from basic to top-notch with a good script and some creative direction.

The deliverable: Provide an edited recording for a 2-minute video unveiling a new software product. The narration will be based on a provided script. The final product should be a fully edited recording that’s ready to hand off to an editor to incorporate into the video.

Who you’ll need: A skilled voice artist with the necessary equipment and tools to record, edit, and export a polished voice recording.

Example video:

Consider how much you can do with stock video clips and B-roll footage once you add the right voiceover, as demonstrated in this short instructional video, “How to Create a Promo Video.

4. A short animated video

Animation has a few definitive pros: You don’t need actors, live footage, video equipment or locations to get started. Also, the sky’s the limit with how creative you can get. All you need is a script, storyboard, and skilled animator to bring your concept to life. Whether it’s a quick ad spot or a technical explainer video, animated videos play especially well on social, stopping scrolling thumbs in their tracks.

The deliverable: A short animated video that demonstrates who you are or how your product or service works. Plan to give the animator a rough storyboard or script to get started, any static graphics and interim states, then let the animator pull it together with elegant transitions.

Who you’ll need: A skilled animator and editor with experience in 2D animation, illustration, and graphic design.

Example video:

Upwork created a series of animated 15-second spots designed to illustrate all the ways you can get more done with a freelancer.