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Compared to traditional ways of finding freelance talent, technology has cut the process down to a fraction of the time. Many medium- and large-sized companies save time and maintain compliance by using technologies like Freelancer Management Systems (FMS). Although these solutions provide time-saving automation and streamline processes, it’s not always enough.

It’s not enough because you still need to set aside time to write your job posts and vet the talent. If you’re engaging multiple freelancers at a time, this can be time-consuming.

And if you’re engaging specialists that may not be within your expertise, how do you know you’re vetting them properly?

The answer lies in combining the best of both technology and services.

How GoDaddy sped up its time to hire by 7x

GoDaddy is the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. The company has a local business listing program called Get Found. As that program grew, GoDaddy needed an increasingly larger number of people to review and validate each listing.

GoDaddy adopted the Upwork Enterprise system to manage its end-to-end workflow of contracting and paying freelancers and other independent contractors. Then the company complemented the technology with Upwork’s Talent Services. The service enabled GoDaddy to attain many qualified freelancers faster, without pulling hiring managers from other critical tasks.

By combining technology with services, GoDaddy hires talent 7x faster. “Upwork really helped streamline the hiring process for our team,” said Anthony Massarweh, Program Manager at GoDaddy. “If it wasn’t for their talent specialists helping us find the right talent, this program wouldn’t thrive the way it did. The freelancers are so reliable, it frees me up to focus on other more pressing projects.”

What can client services do?

Technology streamlines the end-to-end workflow of contracting and paying independent contractors (ICs). Client services save hiring managers more time and aid them in making better talent decisions.

The services provide core IC engagement support functions so that you can focus on interviewing and choosing the ideal freelancer. Client services save companies time by assigning specialists to:

  • Scope project requirements: The specialist reviews the project’s scope, and helps determine the type of talent needed. Review includes assistance with budgeting, planning and documentation.
  • Write job posts: The specialist assists in outlining project details and works with clients to write an effective job post that will help them attract the best talent for the job.
  • Identify hand-picked talent: The specialist reviews the client’s talent needs, then presents a shortlist. How quickly specialists provide a qualified shortlist will vary.
  • Coordinate contract logistics: The specialist can also help the client save time by helping them coordinate various administrative processes associated with the contract.

This two-pronged approach to finding talent is a reminder that in the end, projects are about people working with people. We can automate processes, but hiring talent involves multiple factors and nuances that only humans can navigate effectively. Combining technology and services enables companies to efficiently secure the right talent and maintain their hiring managers’ productivity.

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