The effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence and what it can do for the end user cannot be explained in a few words because it is a very vast concept that influences every industry and business – big and small. And the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media has brought about a big bang that leads to the creation of a totally new wave of marketing and “getting to know the customer” scenario.

This union, known as Social Artificial Intelligence or Social AI, aims to offer improved customer experience, by providing companies better insights through data centering around customer history, their behavior, their buying frequency and engage them so that they get converted. Through Social AI, businesses can now better understand the needs and interests of the buyer and release products that match customer requests; with the help of Machine learning and Natural Language Processing.


  • LinkedIn acquired, a startup company that uses the latest algorithms to match candidate profiles with that of the requirements of the employer. This helps recruiters get the right kind of candidates they are looking for, but without wastage of time and resources.
  • Pinterest is always on the lookout to gauge what its customers need. The company acquired Kosei, a machine learning startup managed by data scientists. Kosei recommends Pinterest users the right products based on their interests.
  • Facebook has also come to the forefront by setting up three AI labs. The company is continuously incorporating new technologies to gain better user insights. This is pretty evident, especially when you trace the roots of Facebook to what it can do now, right from facial tagging to news feeds that resonate with user’s interests.

How can Social AI be Useful in Attracting More Customers

Here is how you can use Social AI to reach out to more people, understand customer behavior and earn brand loyalty.

Monitoring and Analyzing Social Communication

Through AI, companies can make excellent use of machine learning algorithms to analyze social communication among customers. It helps them catch what customers are saying about their brand, and focus on the relevant phrases and sentences. This is done intelligently to filter out irrelevant posts and messages and tag them as spam. Quick and automatic processing of data is done, irrespective of the complexity of data, to ensure companies have access to usable data they can gain insights on.

Targeting Using Facial Recognition

The technique of facial recognition helps brands to transform marketing and get closer to customers. Look at Facebook, for instance, where tagging of pictures is an easy task with the use of facial recognition algorithms. Also, when customers post pictures of themselves in various locations like hotels, restaurants, clubs or other commercial establishments, such enterprises can offer discounts and offers to entice people to make use of their services. This is a kind of social media marketing campaign through image publishing. Facial tagging has, thus, evolved to be a technique of machine learning that gives instant feeds on customer likes and wants.

Guiding Marketers to Post the Best Content

Brands need to post several kinds of content in their blogs, forums and websites as part of their social media marketing strategy. It is not easy to predict the success of these posts; some can do well, some cannot. Through Social AI, marketers can install intelligent bots to predict posts that can be successful, so they can avoid posting content that may not do well. Furthermore, these bots can pick similar content from competitor websites, and show their performance as well. AI, through machine learning, plays a crucial in aiding social media marketers manage their content too – building post schedules, maintaining content, analyzing their performance, etc.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have joined hands together to provide better customer experience and generate successful social media campaigns. The aim is to provide a complete, personalized experience to customers and to ensure their loyalty. So, even when brands are not able to make face-to-face interactions, they can still render customized approaches to motivate them. The combined form of AI and Social media can boost customer engagement and encourage repeat business.