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While many freelancers do perform short projects for their clients, they’re capable of more complex projects as well. Freelancers and agencies are making big projects and tight deadlines doable—stretching bandwidth and filling critical skills gaps. And with agencies in particular, businesses can keep all aspects of a big project under one roof. This not only makes tougher projects easier to tackle, it can streamline budgeting and timelines.

So the answer is ‘yes’: Freelancers are for more than small projects—they’re helping companies scale in ways they couldn’t on their own.

Dropping the “Temp” Mentality

It’s true that freelancers can help pick up the slack—many organizations utilize them to fill in with last-minute personnel changes, or to pitch in for tight deadlines. But freelancers can do more than just pitch in. Many businesses hire freelancers on Upwork for recurring projects, so they have a go-to team with specialized skills, or for repeat contract work, expanding the capabilities of their staff with a reliable team of freelance experts.

Consider the Specific Skills You Need, Not the Project Size

There are plenty of reasons to tap freelance talent beyond small projects. Where freelancers are really moving the needle? Filling critical skills gaps and tackling niche projects. Freelancers are a diverse group of professionals with varying backgrounds, skill sets, and expertise to help organizations

  • Adopt the latest technologies—whether it’s customizing and integrating new CRM software or updating mobile app code to the latest native programming language
  • Remove barriers to scale—such as ramping up the production of short videos for a variety of needs
  • Meet fluctuating demands—such as QA experts to help ensure code that’s shipped during rapid development cycles is clean and bug-free
  • Kick off ambitious initiatives faster—such as developing, designing, and creating articles and visual assets to launch a new content hub
  • Get ongoing expertise in any category of your organization—whether it’s social media platform advice, analytics intel, or a design studio on demand

Get Cross-Functional Help with Agencies

Agencies on Upwork make ideal partners for companies who need more built-in processes than they’d get with a team of freelancers, but also more flexibility and collaboration than a typical agency scenario. They can take the helm of a bigger project and guide it all the way through, from planning to polished deliverable.

An example: Say you want a new mobile app and you’re outsourcing the entire redesign. You’ll need more than a mobile designer. Perhaps you need a programmer for some advanced backend functionality, a UI/UX expert to run some A/B testing and nail your interface, a writer to work up new copy and content, and an SEO pro to optimize every page for maximum results.

A development agency can be a turnkey way to tackle multi-layered projects like this. They’re able to allocate the resources you need and churn out a polished finished product without a having to coordinate the individual talent yourself.