Your co-workers are stressed out, heading towards burn out, and haven’t had a work-free weekend in months. Yet you’re able to log-off at 5 p.m. nearly every day, relax on the weekends, and get all your work done on time. How do you do it?

You and your team concentrate on core tasks. Then you delegate the other work to freelancers. But why don’t your co-workers make life easier for themselves by using more freelance help?

It’s probably because they think freelancers are just for small projects. They don’t know that contingent workers can handle large projects too. Such as when GoDaddy engaged over 70 freelance web designers to create a new and successful revenue stream.

Six Magic Words

When you notice a co-worker answering emails late at night, trying to catch up with work on the weekends, or you hear them say, “I’m so behind!” here’s how you can help them out: Tell them, “You can get help from freelancers.” Those may be the six best words they’ll ever hear.

If you run into someone stressing over a project with a tight deadline, remind them, “You can get help from freelancers.”

If a project team is missing a vital skill, tell them, “You can get help from freelancers.”

If someone’s worried about handling peak season volume, let them know, “You can get help from freelancers.”

Since you engage contingent workers, you probably use freelancer websites like Upwork. Your co-workers may not know these websites make it faster and easier to find the right talent. Or your co-workers might not know how much time and money freelancer websites can save them.

Do them a favor: Tell them about your own experiences with freelancers. Share any shortcuts or tips for finding the right talent, or making projects smoother.

The Proof is in the Numbers

For those who like hard-core results, you can share these stats. With freelancers on Upwork, your co-workers aren’t just getting more help. They also get:

  • More savings: You can save 60-90% compared to traditional agencies
  • More productivity: On average, projects start in 2-3 days—and projects are delivered four times faster than through other sources.
  • More freedom: Most talent sourcing and engagement tasks are automated, so you spend less time on admin.
  • More skilled talent: Upwork’s Freelancing in America survey found that 55% of freelancers updated their skills within the last six months, verses 30% of employees.
  • More security: The solution has options to address data security, intellectual property, and classification compliance concerns.
  • More quality work: 60% of the time, freelancers delivered similar or higher quality work than talent from traditional sources.

If your co-workers are unsure, suggest they start with a small project. If you’re an Upwork Enterprise client, point them to your talent services agent. Talent services can show your co-workers how to use the platform by helping them write project descriptions, creating a shortlist of talent, and more.

Six simple words can help your co-worker get more work done and shed some stress. It starts with a gentle reminder: You can get help from freelancers.

Then everyone can enjoy their weekends.