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This popular post is a blast from last summer but still as cool and relevant to hiring managers as ever. We’ve even added a few new ideas for refreshment and hope you find at least one to help you get more things done even while away from your desk. Cheers to summer fun from the editorial team at Upwork.

Summer’s almost here—the time of year to cool off and slow down. That doesn’t always mean work slows down, but there’s good news: Whether you want to take a vacation or just cut out early on Friday, here are 51 ideas of things to delegate to freelancers this summer.

    1. Have an accounting consultant look for more deductions, and generally check in to make sure your finances are on track.
    2. Launch a content strategy with freelancers.
    3. Get a fresh PowerPoint template designed for your team.
    4. Manage your eBay or Etsy sales listings. Get hours back by having a pro organize your new, pending, or active listings, write listing copy, or respond to buyer questions.
    5. Get your data in order. Organize nearly anything into a tidy list or spreadsheet, and make sure all your data is “clean.”
    6. Manage your Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO communications. Handle communications and questions from renters, check-in instructions, optimize listings, respond to reviews, and more.
    7. Add social media APIs to your app. Integrate with social media APIs that let users login, share information, or post securely within your app.
    8. Create working prototypes of your designs with InVision. Let clients test drive your UI and provide feedback on the fly.
    9. Build an email campaign. Need to get the word out about a new service, boost sales, or engage customers? Have a pro craft an email campaign, deploy it, and track its success.
    10. Test your mobile app on different devices. Manual testing makes sure it looks great on every screen, like the new iPhone X.
    11. Integrate a payment API for a faster, safer payment option. Boost online sales with a secure payment API that makes buying a breeze.
    12. Revamp and refresh your existing blog content. Sometimes a little editing, formatting, tagging, and some fresh images and calls-to-action are just the refresh your content needs.
    13. Write SEO articles to drive traffic to your site or app. A skilled copywriter can create unique, SEO-friendly content.
    14. Hire an illustrator to refresh your designs.
    15. Build a blog site with WordPress. A WordPress developer can get your blog site up and running with a theme, widgets, plugins, and hosting and start sharing your content with the world.
    16. Create a white paper to drive leads and build brand loyalty. Write a valuable, lead-driving white paper that shares your expertise and builds brand loyalty.
    17. Animate your site for that extra wow factor.
    18. Get your WordPress site ready for the Gutenberg update.
    19. Create an infographic. A designer can repurpose your data into an engaging visual.
    20. Update your WordPress plugins. Regular maintenance of plugins and versions is important to keeping your WordPress site secure. Hire a developer to run a full check, update plugins, and ensure everything is optimized.
    21. Create a Marketo landing page. Drive traffic, new subscriptions, downloads, or sales with targeted calls to action.
    22. Organize and manage Jira tickets. Put a dent in those Jira tickets and ensure issues are being addressed.
    23. Make your website design responsive. Hire a designer to add breakpoints and code to ensure it looks great on any screen.
    24. Set up HTTPS and SSL encryption on your site. Get better Google rankings and boost your site’s security by enabling HTTPS and getting an SSL certificate.
    25. Export Google Analytics and create a report of your traffic for an insightful snapshot of your site’s metrics.
    26. Organize your Intuit Quickbooks. An accounting pro can sort and organize invoices, payroll, expenses, and more.
    27. Implement IT support. Are complaints, inquiries, or calls about tech support bogging down your productivity?
    28. Go visual with branded live action videos. Create video content with freelancers to boost traffic, explain new products, and more.
    29. Hire a pentester to test your app for security weaknesses. Proactively give your site a security once-over (before a hacker does).
    30. Repurpose content into a motion graphics video.
    31. Create a radio campaign.
    32. Revamp your SEO strategy
    33. Develop keyword lists for a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.
    34. Localize your website. Get help with translations, currency, links, and other location-specific elements.
    35. Migrate your iOS app to Swift 4. And take advantage of iOS 11’s latest and greatest features.
    36. Optimize your site’s SEO. Get peace of mind that your site’s SEO is where it should be with a full SEO fine tuning.
    37. Plan your summer vacation. Pick a destination and have a pro do the legwork.
    38. Develop an Optimizely test plan. Get the data you need to improve your customer experience.
    39. Track mobile app analytics. Glean insights into how users interact with your app.
    40. Take charge of your Zendesk queue. Keep your customer support flowing with help tackling tickets.
    41. Prioritize your Trello board. Keep projects moving along with a clean, prioritized Trello board.
    42. Boost your mobile app’s security. Implement two-factor authentication, encryption, and more.
    43. Test and debug your mobile app’s code. Get a pesky bug in your mobile app fixed so code is clean and secure before you launch.
    44. Develop an app. Have freelancers help you create an app, from ideation and research to coding, design, and deployment.
    45. Refresh your WordPress site with a new, customized theme. With thousands of WordPress themes out there, it’s easy to give your site an overhaul with a new look and feel. Hire a developer to reskin your site with a new theme.
    46. Build a brand strategy. Get key insights so you can craft the messaging, mission, and tactics to grow your brand.
    47. Take inventory of your blog content, then make updates! Get a full run-down of what’s performing well and what could categories could use more content.
    48. Manage and update your e-commerce site’s inventory. Take the tedious task of updating SKUs off your plate.
    49. Create and monitor a paid social media campaign. Create a summer campaign that can be monitored while you’re out, or created and ready for launch when you’re back.
    50. Set up an analytics dashboard. Customize and optimize a dashboard so you can see how new campaigns and tactics are driving performance.
    51. Define personas for your business’s audience. A marketing pro can look at your audiences and break them into helpful personas so your targeted messaging is always on point.

These are just a few ways you can boost productivity this summer while getting a little extra time off.