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Launching a successful content marketing campaign requires coordination, creativity, and strategy. Let’s face it: you’re vying for traffic, views, and time from an audience that has plenty of other content out there to choose from. There are a few additional things you can do to make your content stand out (and stand the test of time).

Say you’ve engaged a skilled content writer, a graphic designer, and a developer to help you map out your content, get it written, and to build out a hub where you’ll publish. Don’t stop there—let your content inspire even more mediums, jazz up your information with engaging animations, and ramp up traffic with SEO. Read on to learn how, and who you’ll need to get it done.

1. Add Video to Your Content Strategy

Online audiences love a quick, engaging video—it’s one of the easiest ways to grab their attention, get your message across, and relay information to viewers without requiring too much of their time or energy. Video content can help boost sales at all points along the content funnel, whether it’s in the form of testimonials, tutorials, FAQ videos, or explainer videos. Videos can also add diversity and new perspectives to your core content, and make for more shareable bits of content that perform well on social channels.

Producing a high-quality video to support your content strategy doesn’t have to be an arduous, expensive process, either—you can create videos from start to finish entirely with the help of freelancers. Whether you want to produce a live-action video, weekly vlogs, customer interviews, product demos, or animated motion graphics, map out a pipeline for your video that includes the phases, talent, technology and equipment you’ll need to get it done.

Tip: Want to repurpose or recycle existing high-performing content? Engage a motion graphics designer to breathe new life into written content by translating it into a short motion graphics video.

2. Animate Content Into gifs and Video

One of the easiest ways to bring written content to life is with animated, eye-catching visuals—whether they’re catchy gifs (like the one above) or animated stats, tables, and lists. These little visuals not only add interest, they also help to break up long chunks of copy.

Think of brief animations less as a flourish and more as valuable assets to your overall content strategy—gifs, in particular, can visually present facts and information in a way users love to share with followers on social channels.

Animated video is another effective, affordable way to present complex concepts and tell stories. Engage a 2D or 3D animator to help you storyboard and create a short animated video that tells your brand’s story, offers some tips or tricks, or sums up a webinar or long-form article you’ve published. Using explainer articles in your content strategy? Consider producing animated videos in tandem that summarize key points.

3. Optimize Your Content for Discovery with SEO

SEO is a tricky but important discipline. Even if your content is top-notch, you still might miss out on the visibility and traffic you’re aiming for. One of the best things you can do is engage an SEO expert or consider trying an SEO tool, both when you’re in the ideation phase and researching prime keywords, and after your content has made its way out onto the web.

Say you’ve written original articles positioning your brand as a thought leader on a certain subject. Rather than sitting back and waiting for your content to rank, you can implement a strategy to get more eyes on your content. An SEO pro can help you avoid common mistakes that might penalize your rank, optimize your content for better conversions, use off-page SEO tactics, or create curated landing pages to generate even more traffic.

Tip: SEO is always changing, so be sure you stay up-to-date on the implications of new technology on SEO tactics and strategies. Read up on semantic search and voice search to make sure your content is easily discoverable by users on mobile devices.