Have you recently engaged sales professionals to grow your business? Whether you’re building awareness around a new product or service or just looking to gain new leads, it’s important to keep the momentum going. Arming your sales team with fresh assets, strategic content, and traffic-driving search engine optimization (SEO) can make their job a little easier. Boost your efforts with these three related projects.

1. Create targeted videos to answer key client questions

Video is an excellent way to boost sales, show off new products, deliver messaging, explain a service, or proactively answer FAQs. Sixty-four percent of people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video online. You can produce customer testimonials, product videos, or explainer videos to target your customers on different parts of their buyer journey.

Depending on the problem you’re trying to solve, you can hire freelancers to create a high-quality video from start to finish that your sales team can use to make their jobs easier—whether it’s an animated video, motion graphics, or live action.

Say a hair care company wants to boost brand awareness and convey its mission to use sustainable ingredients with a video that shows how it sources high-quality coconuts from Indonesia. Animation can creatively explain the process, from the palm tree to the customer’s doorstep. Motion graphics can be effective in this way too—for example, by walking customers through how to use a new mobile app to order groceries online.

Tip: Ask your sales team where video assets would be most helpful in creating awareness, overcoming roadblocks, or closing deals. Also, try testing different CTAs to see which perform better.

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Professionals you might need: scriptwriter, videographer, producer, motion designer, animator, editor, voice actor.

2. Turn your sales materials into catchy assets with copywriting and graphic design help

What materials are your sales team currently using? What has worked and what hasn’t? Whether salespeople are in the field or on the phone, arming them with the best assets to leave behind or direct customers to online can be the difference between closing and losing a sale.

Refresh existing sales materials with the help of a copywriting pro who can craft targeted messaging that really hits home. From brochures and banner ads to clever packaging and email campaigns, a copywriter with sales expertise can make sure your sales materials are presenting a unified, on-message front. Then have a graphic designer flow that copy into a beautiful layout with polished graphics and branded elements.

Tip: If you’re using content marketing to boost your business, be sure you’re getting input from your sales team as you decide what kinds of content to create. Find out what your customers’ pain points are and address any red flags with content that helps salespeople do their job.

Professionals you might need: copywriter, content writer, graphic designer.

3. Augment your sales team’s efforts with a targeted search engine marketing (SEM) campaign

SEO and SEM are inherently different disciplines, but together they can help drive traffic, sales, and conversion. SEO will boost organic traffic to your site and can also be strategically leveraged with a new campaign. Say the hair care company we mentioned above is known for its custom shampoo and conditioner but is launching a new overnight deep-conditioning mask. Targeting keywords such as “mask” and “treatment” around its new product, then coordinating an SEM campaign to support the launch can give sales a boost.

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Professionals you’ll need: SEO expert, SEM specialist

This isn’t all you can do to give your sales team a helping hand. With a little creative expertise, assets like the above plus landing pages, banner ads, and email campaigns can work wonders to boost your sales team’s efforts where they need it most.