2016.jpgUnboundID’s Tongue-in-Cheek Forecast

Looking ahead to 2016, we’re excited to see change and innovation on the horizon in Identity and Access Management. It’s an industry that is rapidly evolving as the pace of digital business quickens, and identity data is needed to drive advances in multichannel customer experience and improve revenue.

Many companies across a range of industries are sharing their predictions of what we can expect in the New Year—so many in fact that we’re getting tired of seeing predictions. So instead of creating another prediction list, we decided to take a different approach.

We’ve come up with a list of what will NOT happen over the next twelve months. Not only does this approach shake up the steady cadence of prediction lists this time of year, it increases our odds of accuracy.

What Will NOT Happen in 2016

  1. Identity Data Breaches Will Grind to a Halt
    The frequent and disturbing headlines about the theft of tens of millions of identities will become a thing of the past in 2016, replaced by mundane news and cat videos. Thieves will look elsewhere for more difficult challenges, shielding their eyes from the embarrassingly rich troves of identity data that lie unsecured and in large quantities.
  2.  Regulators Will Simply Trust Companies To Do the Right Thing
    Governing bodies will decide we’ve reached “peak regulation” and that there really is no need to create any more legislative constraints for the use of personal data. Corporate leaders will be encouraged to apply their innovative talents to workaround existing regulations and simply “be good.”
  3. Customers Will Myopically Embrace One Digital Device
    Customers will empathize that it’s inconvenient for businesses to deliver a good customer experience across multiple channels and devices. They will feel bad about creating a hassle. The desire for instant gratification by engaging a brand through a mobile device will be replaced by patiently waiting until they arrive home to fire up a desktop computer or perhaps mail a letter. Customers will embrace a new nostalgic, zen-like state of low productivity.
  4. Customer Preference and Profile Data Is Actually Worthless
    What was everyone thinking? Making customer profile and preference data actionable to deliver 1:1 personalized offers and experiences sounded good, until everyone realized that people preferred to be more “in touch” with the faceless mass of humanity. After all, what fun is it to be different or unique?
  5. Complex Usernames and Passwords Will Experience a Renaissance in 2016
    Convenient forms of authentication, such as two-factor using text messages and mobile phones, will be considered something that “lazy people” use. The “movers and shakers” will memorize ever more complex and unique passwords. As a result, everyone in 2016 will know the names of special characters, including the “~” symbol.

We look forward to taking stock next year and confirming how many of these did not occur. No matter what does, or does not, come true in 2016, we know one thing for certain, it will be another interesting year of growth for data management, and Identity and Preference Management will play an important role.

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