CIO_CMO_CollaborationNot too long ago, the role of IT was distinctly delineated from the roles of other departments within the organization, but today technology weaves through every job function and role. Business and marketing leaders, in particular, are relying on enterprise-wide technologies to help drive growth and improve customer experience.

Deploying a department-specific solution and integrating it with other systems may be tempting. However, this approach causes challenges such as data silos, costly maintenance and inefficiencies. More significantly for the CMO, it results in missed opportunities to leverage the full arsenal of company technology resources to accelerate growth and innovation.

Both CMOs and CIOs recognize the possibilities of well-executed, organization-wide solutions to provide advantages that go far beyond supporting their individual initatives. As a result, the two roles are taking more collaborative approaches to solution implementations and focusing their efforts and energies on broader goals. According to Deloitte research:

  • 20% of companies are focusing on the customer as a unifying force
  • 71% are focused on understanding and impacting the evolving CIO and CMO roles
  • 40% are focused on strengthening partnerships between the two roles
  • 20% of companies are building collaborative teams across CMO and CIO organizations

One area that spans the CMO’s business growth concerns and the CIO’s IT productivity objectives is identity management. Successfully managing employee and customer profile and preference data enables a more efficient, productive workforce while also supporting revenue-increasing customer experience strategies.

Implementing the right identity management solution requires both teams’ active involvement in defining requirements and researching different options. While each group has unique objectives, they often share the same strategic goals including:

  • Improved Business Agility
  • Top Line Growth
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty

By staying focused on and rallying around these goals, CIOs and CMOs can narrow down their shared solution requirements. They can work together to deploy identity access and preference management platforms that support company strategies to navigate disruptions and compete in the rapidly changing digital marketplace.

Bring your business and IT teams together to implement a successful identity management solution. Download the Customer Identity Management Collaboration Guide.