Concerns over data privacy are growing as consumers share more data across more subsections of their lives. Studies have shown that customers don’t mind sharing their data in exchange for value in the form of discounts or information; but they expect brands to ask their permission and to protect their privacy. As Spotify discovered last year when it sparked customer outrage over changes to its privacy policy, people are paying close attention to how brands manage their valuable information. It’s becoming a defining criterion for brand loyalty.

In addition to elevated privacy demands from customers, businesses are grappling with evolving regulations. An increase in privacy data legislation is only one factor contributing to the complexity of meeting compliance requirements. Another aspect of the regulatory landscape posing challenges for IT, security and privacy professionals is that policies are in a state of flux. The recent revocation of Safe Harbor is just one example of the profound disruptive effects that changing legislation can have on organizations. Plus, the wide range of different regulations in play for each geographic region presents additional issues for any business with a global customer base.

A customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that offers advanced capabilities could help businesses meet data privacy regulations. A modernized CIAM solution can address the main data privacy compliance requirements set forth by privacy and regulatory organizations including:

  • Customer Consent
    A CIAM solution that enables customers to self-manage their data-sharing and communications preferences allows consumers to grant their permission. What’s more, an identity management solution that supports centralized data policy control will ensure these preferences are honored across all channels and endpoints.
  • End-to-end Encryption
    To reduce the risk of privacy breaches, data should be encrypted while it is at rest and while it is being transferred both within the data center and externally, either to customer-facing end points or to third parties.
  • Fine-grained Data Access Governance
    An identity and access management solution that enables businesses to limit data access according to highly detailed criteria will be able to deliver strong privacy controls. This capability allows organizations to meet corporate and government policies as well as customer preferences for data sharing by defining what can be shared for each identity profile instead of only by large segments of your customer base.
  • Demonstrate Compliance During Audits
    A modernized identity and access management platform can help IT organizations quickly and easily prove regulatory compliance. Centralized data control enables comprehensive insight into how and where data is being used, and it supports policy enforcement across all channels, devices and apps.

Data privacy will continue to be a challenge for businesses. As we collect more data and the opportunities for privacy violations grow, the responsibility to protect consumer information grows too. A Customer Identity and Access Management solution can help businesses use consumer data to deliver better services, products and customer experiences without sacrificing privacy.


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