Social-LoginNavigating the Internet today involves a maze of multiple accounts, registration forms and password fields. To help protect customer data and to deliver personalized services and experiences, most businesses require user accounts. As a customer, keeping track of usernames and passwords can be a nightmare, but it’s a necessary byproduct of reaping the benefits of the digital world.

Many of us avoid remembering different credentials by simply using the same username and password every time we register for a new account. A survey by Password Boss found that 59 percent of people reuse the same password—a huge security “don’t.” A hacker can easily gain access to your password in one lightly guarded account and use it to gain access to a more valuable, highly protected account, such as your bank or healthcare services.

Social login could provide an answer to the problem. It enables you to use an existing social account to login to new accounts, such as a retail mobile app or an online service. Social login offers users the convenience of not having to remember and enter credentials for every login, and the advantages go even further. Social login reduces the number of places the same password is stored, thus decreasing opportunities for identity data theft.

Social login can be advantageous for businesses too. An eCommerce survey by Visual Website Optimizer found that 23 percent of users will abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account. Offering your customers the option to login using their social media accounts can overcome this barrier and pave the way for a frictionless journey to purchase.

Another plus for brands is social login provides a source of accurate identity data. It helps businesses understand who their audiences are. They can then tailor relevant products and services to customers’ needs and interests and personalize interactions with them.

Convenience is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social login. Looking a little bit deeper under the waterline uncovers tremendous benefits that businesses are just beginning to fully explore.

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