omnichannel.pngCompare your shopping habits today to those of even only two years ago and chances are they look vastly different. Better e-commerce user experiences combined with rapid mobile adoption and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) are making omnichannel retailing the norm, not the competitive frontrunner it once was. This new digital reality is becoming undeniably evident in the brick and mortar world as more well-known retail brands shutter physical stores and expand their online operations.

As retailers know all too well, omnichannel retailing is not easy. Reaching customers over a growing variety of different channels, apps and devices creates multiple challenges, and most of them relate back to identity data. In the old brick and mortar world, customers could remain anonymous because retailers were able to upsell and cross-sell to them while they were in the store. You could draw customers to you with a healthy mix of advertising, good customer service, quality merchandise and fair pricing, factors that didn’t depend on knowing your customers as individuals. Today, attracting customers is incredibly more complex. Through apps and online channels, customers’ options are limitless, and they are not bound by geography. Businesses need to work hard to attract them and work even harder to retain them. In the digital world, customer identity data is the equivalent of the customer stepping foot in your store. Knowing who your customers are and what they want consistently across channels is the cornerstone to providing products, services and experiences that build loyalty.

Good customer identity data management is a key to omnichannel success because customer data is the fuel for personalized, relevant customer experiences. With the right Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform, brands can capture customer data at every touchpoint. Today’s innovative marketing and customer engagement methodologies, from beacon technology and retargeting campaigns to personalized messaging and IoT devices generate and consume massive amounts of data. A CIAM solution that can link this data to a customer profile while also collecting customer preferences and privacy consent helps ensure the tenets of your omnichannel business strategy work together to create seamless customer experiences.

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