Scale_Performance_400.jpgThe volume of identity data is growing to unprecedented amounts as digital business generates and consumes more types of data for more customers. User profiles with only a name and email address are morphing into rich profiles that include data such as preferences, browser data, passwords, geo-location and much more. Add to this the fluctuating demand for this data as customers simultaneously access apps and services during peak times, for example during the holidays for retailers, and it’s easy to see why improving scale and performance is increasingly important to identity and access management professionals.

Unfortunately, one of the challenges many IAM pros must contend with is the fact that the combined factors of data growth and demand spikes are pushing legacy identity and access management systems to their limits. These outdated technologies can’t handle the scale and performance needed to address today’s reality of high volume, high demand identity data. As IAM pros look for ways to remedy the issue, there are several best practices to keep in mind:

  • Moving from vertical scaling to horizontal scaling in the cloud or on virtual machines can be a solution if it is done correctly with techniques such as entry balancing and data sharding
  • REST APIs and flexible schemas can support high volume data consumption across multiple channels and apps without creating data silo sprawl
  • Ensure that your modernized identity and access management solution can support legacy apps as well as new apps
  • Plan a seamless migration with zero downtime by syncing data in real time between your legacy system and your new solution during a co-existence phase
  • Move your applications from the legacy system to the new solution one at a time.

Scale and performance demands will only continue to grow into the future. More businesses are competing on customer experience instead of just product and price, as in the past. And they rely on identity data to drive personalized, relevant customer engagement across an increasing number of apps, services and channels. Successful IAM initiatives will be those that reliably and securely deliver identity data no matter how intense the demand may be while maintaining the highest standards for performance, speed and availability.

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Presenter: David Ely, Chief Architect, UnboundID