Data-as-a-ServiceIn the age of digital disruption, the new battleground for market leadership has shifted from price and product quality to customer experience. To deliver the convenient, high value experiences that customers have come to expect, businesses must consistently innovate and be able to roll out new services and apps quickly.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a key part of helping companies shorten time-to-market and meet increasing demands for more apps across the entire organization. By providing ready access to reusable services that embed key standards and best practices, APIs allow developers to quickly build apps without recreating code again and again. And in the case of customer-facing apps, identity data is the key enabler behind that app’s functionality. As a result, incorporating identity management services is crucial to customer-facing app development.

Identity APIs are designed specifically to provide customer identity services, and as such they have unique requirements for security, scalability and governance. They ensure that security best practices are implemented across all apps. Plus, they facilitate consistent customer experiences at all customer touch points.

As APIs make it easier to build apps for all lines of business and customer engagement points, the rate of mobile app development is skyrocketing. The number of global apps in 2015 is rapidly exceeding 250 billion; significantly up from only 38.7 billion in 2009. And each new customer-facing app creates more demand on identity management platforms.

For large enterprises, the number of identities can climb into the millions for a single app as customers embrace a convenient new way to consume services and order products. That’s why scalability is a critical component of identity and preference management. As IT teams determine the requirements for their organization, it’s important to consider growth from multiple angles, and not just number of customers or number of attributes associated with each profile. Another factor beyond volume is traffic frequency, specifically the traffic spikes that typically occur with the launch of a new app. Consequently, high volume performance is an inseparable aspect of scalability when considering identity management system requirements.

From customer-facing mobile apps to internal enterprise productivity apps, modern apps are creating better customer experiences and more efficiency. Having an identity and preference management solution that can scale to accommodate the exponential growth rate of data and intense demands for identity services will help organizations keep pace with growth and remain competitive in a changing market landscape.

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Building Identity APIs that Improve Business Agility and Security
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