Scale_Performance.jpgAs we look ahead to the coming year, it’s a good time for businesses to assess what went right, and perhaps what didn’t go so well, during the holiday shopping frenzy. One pain point that the seasonal traffic increase may have exacerbated for many organizations is the issue of outdated identity management technology. Some companies are discovering that their legacy systems can’t deliver the scale or performance needed to meet identity service demand peaks, whether it’s for customers during the holidays or for employees during busy work cycles.

As more consumers and employees are shifting to online and mobile channels, brands need identity management capabilities that can handle a growing user base. But accommodating a larger number of customers and employees is only part of the equation. The expanding volume of identity data generated by digital business makes scalability a crucial part of delivering successful customer and workforce experiences.

User expectations in today’s digital world include millisecond response times; no matter how many other people are accessing your systems simultaneously. That’s why modernized identity management solutions that deliver performance in addition to scalability enable digital business. In many cases, legacy solutions experience degradation in performance during periodic spikes in traffic. Consistent speed and dependable availability are key aspects of supporting business growth and success.

Demand spikes are not the only significant challenges when it comes to identity management scale and performance. Companies must also consider factors such as whether or not their identity management systems are optimized for deployment in their preferred environment – on premise, in the cloud or virtualized. Another concern with legacy solutions is their inability to support modern standards and protocols.

In addition, unstructured data is growing more rapidly than structured data. Identity management solutions that are built to handle information such as email, social media communications and purchasing histories, can help maintain reliable high performance even during periods of heavy traffic.

Perhaps one of the most prominent challenges is security. As data breach incidents continue to rise, organizations can not be too careful with how they protect identity data. Identity management solutions that provide end-to-end encryption and support for best security practices can help brands mitigate the risk of a damaging breach even as their number of users increases.

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