Traffic-spikesAs most organizations know, delivering great customer experiences doesn’t just happen.  It requires a thorough strategy to get it right, particularly in the digital world where customers engage with brands over multiple channels and apps. And for businesses that have seasonal surges of sales and activity, such as financial tax preparation organizations in April or retailers with an increase in traffic during the holidays, ensuring every customer has a positive experience—every time, all the time—is even more difficult.

Technology is playing a growing role in the customer experience delivery equation. Tools such as marketing automation, customer relationship management systems and online and mobile apps are enabling customer engagement in richer ways we’ve never been able to achieve before now. But there is one common denominator that can make or break the success of these systems; it’s customer identity management.

How well you’re customer identity management solution can serve consumer data to your customer-facing apps and channels will determine how effective these tools are in consistently supporting loyalty-inspiring customer interactions.  The criteria for an effective identity management solution for most businesses consist of web scale, high performance and robust security. However, the ante is higher for seasonal businesses. They need scale and performance capable of managing massive volumes of data concurrently so that each customer interacting with the business during traffic spikes enjoys the same seamless, fast experience as off-peak periods.

Plus, most organizations that handle seasonal high traffic deploy customer engagement solutions in the cloud to reduce costs and gain the flexibility needed to manage short-term surges in volume. They require a customer identity management solution that can support cloud-based architectures.

With the right customer identity management solution driving customer experience strategy, businesses will be able to ensure that customers only see a seamless interaction that includes single sign-on no matter what app, device or channel they are using and fast access to services no matter how many other users are on at the same time.

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