stock-photo-16919804-video-concept-icon.jpgGamers were recently frustrated by an XBox Live outage caused by a flood of users simultaneously trying to log on. Unfortunately for XBox, one of the customers affected was gaming enthusiast Snoop Dogg who pulled no punches in his vocal Instagram rant about the inconvenience. It was a brand damaging scenario that can be attributed to a lack of data management scale.

Difficulties handling massive scale and maintaining high performance standards are a common challenge in the face of exponentially growing volumes of customer data. In many business models, there are demand cycles that require the capability to handle a large percentage of customers at once, and as XBox discovered, it’s a factor that creates further urgency around the scalability issue. As IT teams look for solutions to address scale and performance, many identity management solution providers claim that they can scale to handle high volume traffic, but the reality is not all solutions can truly scale to handle the millions to billions of transactions some brands must handle periodically or even daily.

The most dependable way to evaluate a solution for scale and performance capabilities is to look at its track record. Does the company have implementations currently installed that are successfully managing identities at a scale similar to yours? Does the solution have a proven record of 99.999% availability? And is the solution capable of expanding to handle more data in the future as data volumes inevitably increase?

There are several key product capabilities that support large scale and high performance. Identity and preference management solutions that include these features will be able to deliver on intense data management requirements.

  • Horizontal scaling
    Make sure the platform can distribute processing power and data across multiple machines, not just add resources to one machine. Data sharding and entry load balancing are important capabilities for virtual and cloud environments.
  • Efficient storage
    The right solution will be able to store high volumes of data using the smallest amount of space to make the most of resources, lower costs, and protect performance from degradation.
  • Security
    Security is a must when handling customer identity data, and it can be challenging as the amount of data increases. Identity management solutions that support end-to-end encryption, adaptive authentication and other security best practices can ensure data is protected, no matter how much it grows.

These are just a few of the main capabilities that contribute to scale and performance success. Taking the time to research your options and implement an identity management platform that can grow with you will pay off. Scale and performance are a crucial to delivering positive customer experiences that will keep your brand out of negative celebrity Instagram rants.