Probably you have heard about the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule. It means that only 20% of your efforts create the most results and the other 80% are just a distraction. Hence, to be more efficient and achieve better results you should identify the essentials (the important 20%) of the given aspect and focus your time and efforts on it.

This rule can be fully applied to any website. There are certain pages on your website that are the most crucial in terms of engaging the audience and increasing conversions. Identifying and focusing on those pages should be your highest priority.

Today, I want to go through one of those MOST important pages on your website, the “Contact Us” page and give you the top tips on how to make it super visitor-friendly.

I will also share some trendy “Contact Us” pages: good examples I found on the Internet.
Let’s get to it!

Tip 1: Pay Special Attention to Design

It’s obvious that well-designed and attention-grabbing contact page is crucial for converting the visitors into customers. Designing your contact page? Remember that it should ideally fit the overall design of the website.

Great example with great design: Indofilio

Tip 1

Tip 2: Make Your Contact Page Easy to Find!

Even if you have a super-duper contact page, it doesn’t make sense, if it can’t be found easily on your website. Don’t make your users look for it! Research shows that 87% of users expect to find the link to Contact page on the top-right corner of your website or in your footer.

Good example: Whole Design Studios

Tip 2

Tip 3: Give Users the Right to Choose

When creating a contact us page, show all the alternative ways of contacting you to satisfy each and every customers’ needs. Ideally, the following info should be displayed:

Your Company Address – Showing your place on the Google Maps will also be helpful in case of local businesses.
Telephone Number with area code – Include all departments and contact names in case of big companies.
E-mail – Show your best email addresses to reach you for press, sales or other types of inquiries. Don’t forget to enhance your security and spam protection in case of publishing your e-mails.
Social Media Links – Your visitors might want to connect with you on their favorite social network.
Working hours – You may also include info telling whether you are open or closed at the moment.

Fantastic example: Moosend

Tip 3

Tip 4: Simplify Your Contact Forms

Simplicity in web-forms always pays off. The conversion rate falls down as the number of fields to-be-filled in the contact form increases. This is a fact.

To avoid frustrating your visitors follow the rules of thumb:

1. Don’t require your visitors to enter their e-mails twice. They won’t like it.

2. Send an automated confirmation letter, to tell your visitors you have received their letter and will reply as soon as possible. You may also include the copy of submitted message in the confirmation letter.

3. Include only required fields in the form.

4. Check and display errors, while user is writing, not after submitting.

5. Personalize the confirmation letter using the information provided by the user /for instance: Hi Robert, we have received your message and will get back to you soon!/

6. Don’t overdue with captcha. A simple math question is way better than unclear letters and numbers.

Bonus Tip:

Place the form fields vertically instead of placing them side by side. This reduces the number of eye movements your visitors make while filling out the form.

Keep the Distraction to the Minimum!

According to user-testing experience, every second user distracts from filling the form to look through news feeds and follow the links to the other pages of the website, without finishing filling out the form.

Lesson learned: Don’t overload the page with irrelevant links and banners to keep your visitors super concentrated.

Optimize your contact page for the better!

Don’t forget to analyze the experience of your visitors trying to contact you using Google Analytics or a heatmap and visitor recording tools, like Hotjar. This will give you better understanding about how to further optimize your contact page to make contacting you an easy and engaging experience.

Is there anything we missed? If yes, feel free to share your own ideas and experience in the comments!

Good luck!

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