UntitledAccording to the CMO Council on average 60 % of marketers’ time was devoted to digital marketing activities. Digital Marketing saw many highlights this year like Tesco’s version of its own shopping app on Google Glass, Facebook limiting promotional content in their News Feeds, YouTube showing further platform strength by generating over 1 billion views. By September, Instagram introduced new worldwide advertising capabilities and Google welcomed advertising capabilities like lookalike campaigns. The industry was truly booming.

Marketers, how did 2015 go for you? Feel successful? Can you be even more successful? Of course you can! We have put together the digital marketing resolutions that we feel should be at the top of your to-do list for 2016. Please take the time to vote and share your thoughts with us.

Why Do I Need To Make Digital Marketing Resolutions?

In order to get ahead of the competition in marketing, one knows that they have to be on their game at all times and be very well prepared. Careful planning, assessing and adjusting are a must in this market. So too, at the beginning of the year it is essential to take a look at your previous year and assess its success and failures and adjust accordingly. Making New Year’s resolutions is not only beneficial for individual goals, but also for every marketer. Make sure this year you are on your game- set your resolutions and goals right from the start, that way you can have a clear direction in mind. Then all you have to do is to move ahead and conquer them.

Vote up: What Are Your Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2016?

Here are our top digital marketing resolutions for 2016. We have put it together in an interactive manner so that you can vote on your favorite ones (or down vote the ones you like less). The order of the resolutions will change as more and more people vote, so don’t be shy – vote and let your voice be heard!

Whatever your resolutions for 2016 are, make sure you come up with a plan of action for the coming year. Plan your campaigns carefully, evaluate what worked and didn’t throughout the year and get yourselves ready for an even more exciting year in digital marketing!

What did you think about our digital marketing resolutions? Did you have any other resolutions that you want to make a priority for 2016? Please share them in the comments below and we might add them to our line up.