A company website is important to any business. It’s your face and first impression to all different types of people – prospects, investors, researchers, and more – and putting the right content in front of the right role makes a difference.

One role that falls into the “and more” category that isn’t prioritized often, but should be, is customers. With so many businesses increasing their emphasis on customer success (doing everything you can to ensure customers are successful with your business) and retention, altering your main website for customer use is a great tactic to help ensure they remain happy with your business.

With this said, here are a few tips on how to optimize your main company website to focus on customer success…

Make sure to include multiple ways for customers to contact you on each page – Provide information and ways for customers to contact you throughout the site! It’s amazing how many companies don’t do this. Links to a contact form or self-service site in the header or footer, and even a phone number if that’s a common form of communication for your business, are great additions for your customers. It also presents your business as more approachable to prospects, which is a nice bonus.

Provide self-service links before and after the contact form – First off, if you don’t have a contact form on your main company website, get one right away. These links accompanying the form are a type of ticket deflection, or a way to help customers solve their issue on their own time. You can really impress here with customer success software forms that identify keywords that the customer is typing and suggests relevant self-service content (links, videos, etc.) in real time.

Alter core site code as needed when sales technology doesn’t make sense – Too many business leverage sales technologies, such as a chat tool built for lead generation, directly on customer success areas of a website (knowledge base, wiki, etc.). Don’t do this! Not only is it a bad experience for your customers to need to go through sales when an issue occurs, it’s also wasting valuable selling time. Instead, use the chat technology provided by your customer success software in its place to ensure any and all issues reported on these site locations go directly the right team.

Target customers accordingly with powerful CRM technology – Our last tip is more for companies with advanced customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities like Salesforce or HubSpot. Within these technologies are ways for companies to show targeted content to site visitors based on tracking information. For example, leveraging a technology called dynamic content, a customer that has visited your site many times (or is identified as a customer) can have a home page experience focused on new and updated features instead of overly promotional sales collateral. This is a great way to passively educate customers and keep them informed and knowledgeable about your business and product.

To summarize, there are many ways to optimize your website to focus on customer success. The simplest ways are to make sure your contact information and product content is easily available to customers. If you want to get more technical, customizing site elements including chat services and the home page experience for customers can improve their knowledge and relationship with your company. Make sure your website works for your customers too!