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StumbleUpon Innovators Q&A with Dario Meli, Co-Founder and CEO of Quietly

Please introduce yourself and your company.

I’m Dario Meli, Co-Founder and CEO of Quietly. We’re a highly strategic, data-driven content agency.

What is Quietly all about?

In an age where everyone is a publisher, we help brands and publications create amazing content for their audiences using our proprietary tools and analytics. It’s the perfect blend of data science with the art of content creation.

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Who is your audience?

Our audience is any brand who wants to engage their audiences in a meaningful way, in a way that creates value in their relationship.

How do you find new audiences?

New audiences are typically reached through referrals and the strength of our content. And of course we experiment with a variety of tools online, StumbleUpon being a great example.

What’s your publishing and/or content marketing strategy?

We focus on creating thought leadership pieces on our blog, and contribute to publishers around the web. Mostly though, we let our work speak for itself and celebrate our customer’s successes.

What are your best tips and tricks for publishers and brands?

Optimize your content and build out an evergeen strategy! If you don’t know exactly what about your content is exciting your readers then how can you truly satisfy them in the future? We get granular and make sure everything we do is informed by the past while staying relevant in the ever-growing longtail of the web.

Rapid fire with Dario Meli


What is your media diet?

I get a lot of news from my social channels and the Zite aggregator app. There are a couple daily newsletters that I always check too, like DealBook from the NY Times gives a great overview on the major business happenings around the world from M&A to venture capital to private equity; I also get huge value from Jason Hirschhorn’s Media ReDEFind newsletter. If you’re interested in media at all then this is a must.

Who do you admire?

One of the people I admire most is Amory Lovins. His book, Natural Capitalism, taught me a lot about doing good and doing well at the same time. It helped shape the business philosophies I consider core to everything I do.

Who’s your dream client?

I would love to work with Plan International. They’re an organization I personally support because of their involvement in amazing programs all over the world. I’d love to help raise awareness and increase their impact globally.

What’s one thing that your coworkers don’t know about you?

Ha! I think i’ll pass on this one ;-)

How can people reach you?

I can always be reached via email ([email protected])

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