Did you know that on average, loyal customers are worth more up to 10 times as much as their first purchase?

Getting people to visit your store can be a task in itself, but once you’ve got them through your doors you need to make sure you turn them into loyal customers, as it can be really worthwhile for your profits!

So how do you make sure that customers keep coming back to you?

Take a look at this blog post to find out:

#1. Make them feel like a rockstar

Good impressions count for everything right? Well, when a customer walks into your store for the first time you need to make them feel welcome. And we don’t just mean service with a smile. We mean, make them feel like a rockstar!

The truth is, great customer service doesn’t cost a thing but can hugely benefit you in the long run.

In fact, a well known UK designer store Cath Kidston has a policy in that every employee must give three compliments to every single customer. It’s this kind of attention to detail that encourages people to visit again.

Whenever a person receives good customer service it leaves a lasting impression, and even though the customer may not buy something that time, they are more likely to come back at a later date.

Make sure you train your employees on the importance of great customer service and implement tactics to impress the customer as soon as they enter the store.

#2. Reward their loyalty

Coming up with a loyalty points program is the perfect way to incentivise customers to visit you again. The idea is that they’ll receive a loyalty card to use whenever they shop with you. And every time they make a purchase, they’ll build up points that can be used in exchange for a discount once they’ve reached a certain amount of points.

It’s a simple idea that can help customers come back to your store – and continue to spend more with you.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at this post from HubSpot to find 7 customer loyalty programs that actually add value.

#3. Ask them to open a store card

A store card is another incentive to get people to come back and shop with you and it essentially works like a credit card. You can find third party companies that will provide the finance side, so that you can offer the customer the chance to put their purchase on the card so that they don’t have to make the payment up front.

This will help further encourage people to continue to shop with you, as the card will be a nice little reminder in their wallet!

#4. Market to them online

We talk a lot about omni-channel marketing, and this definitely applies here. Whether your customer is shopping with you in store, looking at your social pages, or visiting your website, you need to make sure that you’re providing the same experience across every platform.

Not only will this help define your brand, but it’ll help the customer understand what they can expect when they shop with you.

When a customer visits your store, encourage them to sign up for email marketing so that you can send them discounts, offers and promotions. And make sure that your email marketing campaigns are aligned with the same messages that your customers can expect to find in store.

#6. Host an event

Hosting an event is the perfect way to get people to come in store. It’ll help build your presence within your community and it can get people talking about your brand.

Many stores tend to opt to host a fundraiser to raise money for charity as this will help raise awareness of the charity, and it’s great publicity for the store itself.

You could even host an event that ties into a holiday, or a run a promotion that is relevant to what you sell. For example, you could create merchandise to giveaway for Christmas, Valentines or even the 4th of July!

#5. Have a personality on social

Again, this goes back to marketing online. Making sure you have a personality on social media can really help to drive people back to your store. Especially having a local business page on Facebook.

You can use your social to run contests, tell them about your latest event, give away coupons, or inform customers of the latest deals so that you’re always on their radar and they’ll be more inclined to come and shop with you.

#6. Be accommodating

Making sure you’re accommodating to your customers is common sense, but there are little additions that you may not have thought about that could make all the difference.

For example, people can spend hours in places like Starbucks because they’re completely accommodating to their customers. And what to they do? They offer free wifi of course! The idea is of course that the longer the customer spends using the web, the more drinks they’ll buy. But if you’re worried about turnover then you can always put a cap on how long the customer gets to spend using your wifi.

Or maybe your shop doesn’t suit offering free wifi – and that’s ok. Small gestures like a public restroom or even chairs to sit down can really help give the impression that you are accommodating for all of your customers.


The secret to getting people to keep coming back your store is to make people look forward to shopping with you. It’s all about building a friendly, worthwhile place to come and visit and all of these points above can help you to do that! If you have any more ideas then feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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