Recently, Chris Muccio interviewed Wendy Stevens (video marketing expert) on the topic of video marketing to women along with strategies that work to reach them.  In this excerpt of the conversation, Wendy digs into how to most effectively interact with women via videos.

strategies that work

Chris:    When talking specifically to women, and to make sure that we’re engaging them the way they want while using video, what type of messaging should we be focused on that helps us increase engagement?

Wendy:     Chris, here are some typical mistakes that I see all the time. We’re going to talk content first, right out of the gate. We have to. It’s got to be compelling, dynamic, original content.

Women, we are multi-taskers. I have two children, I have a business, I have an awful lot going on, as most women in this country do. It’s not that men don’t, it’s just that women have that multitasking aspect, again. So it’s even more important not to waste her time.

Don’t be frilly. Get rid of the frills and fuss, cut right down to it. Yes, we can talk about learning styles but don’t get all caught up in nailing them down exactly, but just get that she’s busy.

And this is why it is really critical to understand some statistics when it comes to video.  This one’s amazing. Considering the average viewer, within the first ten seconds they are all watching the video. However by the 60-second mark, 54% of the viewers, have dropped off! The first ten seconds you’ve got almost everybody. But you are losing 54% by the 60-second mark.

Now, 45%, of course of all videos, are just direct connect. I’m going to go to YouTube and I’m going to do a search and I’m going to find a video. But a surprising 80% of all referred video views come from referred blogs, shared links, you name it. Tons of different sources.  80% of the views, that’s where I’m going to market smart and I’m going to play the game to win and make it easy for people to be able to find my videos.

Now, consider the average video today is 3.7 minutes long. When you aggregate some of these statistics together, it starts to become clearer how to market to women.

You’ve got to place your call to action to women throughout the video.  If the only call to action was at the end of the video, 83% of the viewers would have dropped off before even hearing the call to action! So it’s like wow, I could have had a V8. What the heck are we doing? We’re putting together a production, the people aren’t even hearing the call to action.

Keep the video at around 60 seconds or less to optimize the effectiveness of making the sale through your online video. Mobile video, actually, has a longer retention rate.

Why? Because I might be out there in the pick up line picking up my kids at soccer and I’m listening or watching a mobile video. People actually have more time to watch videos as they’re filling in time during their life, during their day. So we’ve got to keep these videos brief, concise, to the point, cut through the fluff, get down to the bottom line. Yes it’s got to be great content. Make sure you have your call to action early on in that video, not just at the end, so you actually can affect a result.

Excerpt Summary – Strategies that Work

1. Video content – it’s got to be compelling, dynamic, original

2. Awareness – Focus on marketing to those that come from referred views.  Make it easy for people to find your videos

3. Length – Keep your videos to 60 seconds

4. Call to Action – Since 54% drop off by the 60 second mark, provide your call to action early in the video to generate your best results

Those are some of Wendy’s video strategies that work for marketing to women.  What are some of yours?

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