LinkedIn Profile Tips – Find Your Target Audience

Do you have a LinkedIn profile with all the panache and professionalism but sans followers? Or do you have followers but none of them from your target audience? In today’s video, the topic of discussion is finding your target audience and we’ll be handing out a few LinkedIn profile tips along the way so stay tuned.

One effective way to find your target audience is to watch your competitors. See where and how they interact with their followers and then you can adapt your own approach toward your target audience based upon what you’ve seen your competitors do (successfully or otherwise).

Another way to find your target audience would be to search LinkedIn Groups that relate to your audience. Some people are more comfortable in groups with a lot of activity while others prefer a more mellow group.  Choose what the right path is for you.  Find groups that are related to your target and then begin to use these forums to approach and connect with your audience.

What could very easily be the simplest approach to finding your target audience is to simply ask your clients and customers. Where do they hang out? What do they like and dislike? You can even pick their brain about what you can do and hear straight from the source some ideas to improve your approach.

Take two minutes and watch this video to help you generate new ideas for finding your target audience on LinkedIn.

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