LinkedIn Help – 3 Key Tips for Generating More Visibility

There are millions and millions of people on LinkedIn and attracting them to your profile is getting more challenging. It is critical to identify and pursue effective ways to make it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn. If you’ve spent time creating the perfect LinkedIn profile and taken the opportunities to update it regularly you’re a step ahead of the competition. Getting more eyes on your profile, and for longer periods of time, will increase the likelihood of a visitor becoming a contact, a contact becoming a lead, and a lead a success story. Don’t fret if you need a little LinkedIn help to get noticed because that is exactly what today’s post is all about. LinkedIn Help

There are a variety of ways to make you easier to find on LinkedIn. Here are three key ways for you to consider adding to your tactical plan:

1. Search Engine Optimize (SEO):

Your Profile LinkedIn’s search algorithm offers five areas where it’s important to put the right keywords in. These are: 1) Professional headline, 2) Summary, 3) Current work experience, 4) Past work experience, and 5) Skills and expertise.

Think about the keywords that identify you and your expertise and try to come up with a list of fifty. While that may seem like a lot (and to a degree it is), you can have variations of them. For instance, if you specialize in digital marketing, perhaps you can also use digital marketing strategist, content marketing, graphic marketing, consumer marketing, etc. Using derivations of one phrase should help you get to fifty fairly quickly. (Also… take a look at the keywords that others similar to you are using.)

Once you’ve identified your keywords, look to strategically put them in those five areas without keyword stuffing them. You want it to be readable and professional. But you want to subtly include those keywords in there so that you’ll be able to be found more effectively.

2. Become More Active:

Use activity to drive more people to your profile. A few of the actions you can take include sharing valuable and relatable content, updating your profile (sensibly and modestly- not just with fluff), providing collaborative input on others’ content, and joining and participating in active groups.

Make sure all of the content you contribute, both in groups and on your own personal profile highlights your expertise and provides the value that your target audience is expecting. This solid one-two punch of activity and search engine optimization is a great way to help LinkedIn help you meet your goals.

3. Create your Profile Carefully and Revisit it Regularly:

Remember, you’re making it easier for people to find you on LinkedIn, so when visitors land on your profile, make sure it’s timely and relevant! Keep your profile up to date with any changes in your skills, job status, et cetera. You can also customize your LinkedIn URL and promote it by placing it in your e-mail signature, on your website, your blog, your newsletter or anywhere else you may network socially.

Be sure to check your privacy settings as well and make sure your profile is findable- no amount of LinkedIn help in the world can save a profile that can’t be found.

The more active you become on LinkedIn, the easier it will be for your target market to find you. If you’re not sure if you’re on the right track, do a search and see how easy it is to find your profile. Ask a colleague to do the same. What would your target audience key in to find you, and when they do, what will they see? Perhaps the best tip of all, never stop building your profile. As with any business application, review its effectiveness, and adjust as necessary. Fine-tuning can only serve to bring you greater success on LinkedIn.

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