Essentials of Small Business Growth, Communicate Effectively

Everyone wants to be more effective on LinkedIn, whether generating leads or credibility. Do you know one of the simple reasons why many people fail to achieve either?  This concise little video prompts you with a couple of simple questions that should help get you to bolster your small business growth strategy and increase the potency of your outreach.

What is the size of the business you’re targeting, and who are the decision makers?  If you are not connecting with the right people in the right companies, how are you using these digital tools to help your business grow?

Consider this, you wouldn’t jump on a boat and set sail without a destination, and you wouldn’t start a race without knowing where the finish line is, then how could you expect to generate small business growth without being “plugged into” your target audience?

Watch the 2 minute video here and use these questions to increase the effectiveness of your communications in the online world.

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